Growing as a Tester Coming from Non-Testing Background- Manoj Shirsat

Manoj Shirsat - Exploratory Tester

“The last year has been an incredible journey. I come from a non-testing background. But now I am giving demos to the client all by myself.

It’s amazing to think that in a year’s time I have become their only POC, for certain functionalities. Moolya encouraged me to take ownership. And finally it feels good to deliver”

Growth of a tester often goes unnoticed. That’s why we bring you the inspiring story of our exploratory tester, Manoj Shirsat

“My knack towards testing comes from the fact that I undertook digital & cyber forensics during my college course. During that time I used to explore different websites and apps. That passion has finally driven me to now to test all the systems including apps, webs, and APIs” 

However, like any other tale it has its own ups and downs. 

“When I started it was becoming immensely difficult for me to keep track of things. Time management was certainly an issue. That’s when my lead suggested that I undertake a Solution-Focused Coaching organized by Moolya’s L&D team

L&D team’s Muhammed Favaz had been a tremendous influence. He enabled me to  prepare for several real-life scenarios faced by a tester.”

Manoj’s fascinating improvement has caught the attention of the client too. Recently, they’ve specifically mentioned and praised the work he is doing. 

“When it comes to testing, the learning is continuous. I got to know about the new frameworks. Obtained some in-depth understanding on application interface and user experience

And the best part is that I am applying my recent learnings in my project too.”

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