Learning his Way to Become a Tester- Prashanth Bhosale

Prashanth Bhosale - Software Tester

“Software codes often fascinated me. But as luck would have it, I was placed in a mechanical engineering company after completing my B.Tech. 

However, when your heart is somewhere else even a short stint of 10 months seems like a long stretch. During that time of utter confusion surrounding my career I saw a LinkedIn post of Moolya. And that’s when I took my chances” 

More than your educational and professional background what matters the most is your aptitude to learn. And that’s something Prashanth Bhosale has in plenty. 

And this is his story. 

“If you ask me to sum it up, I would say Moolya is a place of constant learning. But my initial few days here is what taught me. Is what shaped me. And made me who I am today. 

Let’s be honest. Despite having a little bit work experience I was practically a fresher, in the testing world, when I joined Moolya. So in a way, Moolya’s L&D team’s Launchpad program is what gave me the actual guidance and direction. 

Muhammed Favaz, from the L&D team, was like a guiding angel for us. He was my point of contact. He helped me to resolve any confusion. And offered me with constant encouragement. 

The entire Learning and Development team in fact is more than supportive. They had not only arranged the courses and equipped me with the necessary study materials but they’d also conducted regular assessments to help me brush up my newly acquired skills and knowledge. The entire experience was quite enriching. ”

Adding to Prashanth’s passion for learning is his virtue of humility. Hence along with the Launchpad Program he wants to convey his admiration for another Moolyan mentor from Moolya Ed who had shaped him. 

“When it comes to the matter of being mentored and trained I cannot miss out on mentioning Sunil Nagaraj. Indeed a great teacher himself, Sunil encourages everyone to learn about the technologies irrespective of your background. As a person coming from a non-IT background this particular thing really touched me”

That’s how Prashanth  learned his way to be a software tester and now he’s involved heavily as an associate tester in a project concerning a very critical client. And we believe that with this kind of learning mindset he indeed will go a long way.

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