From a fresher to falling in love with Testing, all virtually at Moolya

Fresher batches are an integral part of our family. They help us see challenges from diverse perspectives, solve them by learning continuously, and adapt to work towards a common goal.

In the latest edition of “Life at Moolya,” where we talk to Moolyans about why their journey, learning and growth at Moolya, we share the stories of our Moolyans from the 2020 Fresher batch.

Our first story is all about Oviya Sivakumar, Associate SDET at Moolya. She shares her journey of learning and growth at Moolya and how it happened all virtual. Experience her journey of why she chose us, how it started and how it is going, all without stepping a foot into the office.

What made you choose Moolya?

I got to know about Moolya through my friends in my college.

I heard the work and culture of Moolya are good, and I always wanted to be in a place where all my ideas and dreams are appreciated.

How would you describe your interview at Moolya?

All the rounds in the interview were unique, smooth and fast.

The team understood my mindset as a fresher. The interviewers helped me feel so comfortable and confident about myself during the entire session.

The interview was a kind of two-way learning process. We exchanged ideas about how we can create an impact with my skills and my love for the craft.

What was your typical first day in Moolya?

My first was awesome! There was literally no dull moment.

I had a great time interacting with fellow Moolyans. We had lunch, had ragging sessions (the friendly ones :D) and a lot of fun time knowing our new family. All virtually.

What was it for a fresher joining Moolya?

I graduated during the pandemic. The time was scary for someone fresh out of college and no experience at all.

I feel glad that I chose Moolya to begin my career, a place where people celebrate my skills and my curiosity.

What has growth looked like for you in Moolya?

My growth in Moolya has been phenomenal. There were learnings throughout the journey.

Moolya, as a platform, helped me polish my skills, enhanced my learnings, know more about myself and be healthy – physically and mentally.

The entire learning and growth have brought a positive influence in my life.

What will you always cherish about being a Moolyan?

I will cherish all the moments I spent at Moolya.

In Moolya, people respect everyone irrespective of who they are. They celebrate every single moment and are genuinely happy for anyone’s growth.

I am allowed to be myself, and there is the freedom to do anything that helps the organization grow. And all these I will cherish for my lifetime.

Which movie would you relate to your Moolya Journey?

Not a movie, but definitely a sitcom – “The Office”

What would you be if not a Tester?

Build a pet pub. A haven for pets to chills and socialise with each other while being entertained by Hoomans.

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