Driving business growth: 4 valuable surveys for CTOs.

It is no secret: 2020 was a year of challenges. And, businesses were not an exception.

However, we have seen how, together, as a team, we can bounce back and scale up!

We have seen new technology blooming towards the end of the year. Learned how pivotal quality is for keeping up that wheel spinning. Have known how CTOs, CIOs and VP Engineering used the opportunity to deliver more business value and growth than ever before.

On that thought, we used to conduct weekly polls to understand the value of quality in driving business growth. And, the responses were enormous. We have got to understand the view of the tech leaders in driving growth of an organisation.

Have a read!

1. Which industries will see more and more testing in 2021?

Our first poll of 2021 was to understand the industry outlook. 61% of the total votes were in favour of the Healthcare industry. 

Well, that explains a lot about how hard the world is working to curb the new normal. Check out the poll.

Here’s the analysis:

2. What builds “Quality” in an organization?

One of the many topics where organizations struggle in their growth journey is how to build up “Quality”.

While there are many factors, but when we came up with our second poll, the options “people and culture” received the majority numbers.

Yes, that’s true, its the culture that helps build the quality of the business in its growth journey. Check out the poll results.

3. Which factors influence business growth the most?

Many factors influence business growth. And they can be endless!

We received the highest number of votes from the leaders of tech and product in this poll. Well, that is acceptable.

Most businesses thrive on customer loyalty. Customers love the product that they can trust. Take the example of CRED. Users love the app, the rewards in it and how it fits well to the needs of every single person who is paying bills.

If you were one, what would you have voted? Check out the poll results here.

4. What should CTOs and VPs look for in Testing teams?

CTOs, CIOs, VP Engineering play an important role in driving businesses.

It’s them who adds fuel to the growth. The last poll of January was about understanding testing. The influence in the growth journey of the organization.

We got some good comments from some crucial decision-makers.

Dhananjay Deuskar says,

A good engineering practice should be placed and Implemented honestly. A tester should know how Business works.

Abhas Sinha says,

A good engineering process will include both options A & B will make delivery faster with minimum bugs. That on whole won’t affect the users on a large note. The process can be implemented right from the very first step that is requirement gathering which will not only help developers and testers to know about the product in depth but will also avoid any critical production bugs and even reduce the time to resolve the same in the ongoing development and testing process.

Here’s the analysis. Check out the results here.

These polls may prove to be valuable insights.

We love doing these polls. They help us gain more understanding, knowledge and learning.

In turn, they help us solve problems, love the product, go deeper to understand the business. And, that makes a difference. If you are a PO or a CTO, we would love to hear about how you have helped create an impact on business growth. Let’s talk.

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