How Mahesh Poola influenced the growth of Bada Business?

Bada Business is an initiative by Dr Vivek Bindra, an internationally recognised motivational speaker and an award-winning business coach.

Bada Business allows a user to learn everything about Business and Entrepreneurship. It provides practical knowledge of different business strategies and frameworks. It also aims to make the Entrepreneurship & Management Education Available, Accessible and Affordable to Everyone.

Mahesh Poola shares his story of working with the Bada Business team. He has been helping the in-house development and production team in giving a timely release by preventing bugs. Hence, increasing the demand for the product across its users.

Here’s the story of how a Moolya Tester influenced the growth of an esteemed Organisation.

Moolya: Hey Mahesh, what is the product that you are (or were) testing?

Mahesh: Hi, I am Testing (both Mobile and Web Testing) for Bada Business. It is a platform which helps a user to learn everything about entrepreneurship.

Moolya: Awesome, how long have you been in the project?

Mahesh: I worked for 6 months in the project.

Moolya: What role do you play in the project? Not your title/designation. 

Mahesh: Well, I am playing the role of a junior tester in this project, and it is quite fun. You get to learn a lot from the team by being a junior.

Moolya: What kind of bugs did you prevent from happening?

Mahesh: I helped in prevented bugs that are related to Functional, Performance, UX.

Moolya: Who else played a role in this prevention story with you? 

Mahesh: My teammates, Naresh Madan and Shwetha S Kumar equally contributed to preventing the bugs in the project. And, we make a great team together.

Moolya: Describe the bug or the type of bugs that were recurring?

Mahesh: Mostly UI/UX, basic common functionality bugs were recurring.

Moolya: How would you describe the story in less than 100 words?

Mahesh: (Laughs) Well, Testing plays a crucial role between Development and Production. As said, it will be more exciting only if new bugs were found each time. 

In order to make it exciting the very first and foremost step to be taken is to prevent recurring of the same bug by categorizing it and finding a way to prevent it. This is as short as it can be.

Moolya: Write a full detailed story of how you (and others who helped you) prevented the bug? Make it as detailed as you can. We have the patience to read and the love for such authentic stories and the passion for testing.

Mahesh: Here it goes! 

There is only one way for any product for a successful release. It has to go through the testing phase without having any error. 

Recurring of the same bug is a tedious phase in testing. But, with some tweaks in the way we test, one can prevent these bugs from recurring.

Bugs can occur in many ways. As a tester, I usually concentrate on performing aggressive Regression Testing from end to end. In this way, I feel, we can prevent most of the bugs occurring on every release.

I wish to share a few steps with you that I generally follow in every release:

1. I maintain an excel sheet with all the bugs. I categorise them as per the severity and priority of the bugs I found.

2. Our first round of testing starts by performing our operations on Major issues. It cuts off all the risks in our project and makes it easier for us to perform other tasks. 

3. During the second round, we will perform all minor issues to cover all the existing, and new bugs based on minor flaws.

4. Third round will be about going through edges cases to make sure of having a bug-free software as the final output.

5. As a tester, we need to make the life of developers easy. To do that, we need to document all the possible ways to reproduce the bug. Such steps will help the developer to think of all the possible scenarios while fixing the bug.

6. Regarding new features, we practised maintaining detailed project documentation because it keeps bugs away from the software.

I would also like to share how we made changes in the way of testing to prevent recurring of bugs:

As same bugs keep on recurring, we made a list of the common bugs which occur in almost every application. We have verified and overcome it during the development phase itself. 

Also, we made a simple checklist point document which covers all the bugs found during testing. We provided these details to the developers to keep a tap on recurring of the same bugs.

We have done this to save time for all the teams working in the project.

We worked on an internal tool which performs an automatic check of the recurring bugs. In this way, both time constraint, as well as the recurring problem, have been prevented.

Moolya: How does life look now that you have prevented this bug?

Mahesh: I got excited. I got a new approach and enthusiasm towards creating innovative ideas for smart changes in testing.

Moolya: What tangible and measurable business or tech impact does this have on the product now?

Mahesh: We have lessened the scheduled delivery date of the product by performing these actions. It has helped the product to reach the production and the customers before the expected date of delivery. In a way, we have influenced the growth and income of the company.

After preventing the bugs, the efficiency increases. The demand for the product and technology increases with that.

Moolya: Did you celebrate your success?

Mahesh: Yes, to the fullest and the Moolya way 🙂

Well, isn’t that an inspiring story! A tester, one true to his value, has influenced the growth of Bada Business. We have more than 200+ stories to share about how we supported hungry enterprises and start-ups to scale fast with their tech and product. We can discuss them with you over a cup of coffee or maybe two. Click here.

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