Moolya Startup Test Lab – A humble contribution to Startup Ecosystem

A “startup” is a company that is confused about 1) what its product is, 2) who its customers are, and 3) how to make money. As soon as it figures out all 3 things, it ceases to be a startup and then becomes a real business. Except for most times, that doesn’t happen.”

Dave McClure, 500 Startups ~

We love Dave McClure. He is too busy to notice us, perhaps. Someday we will grab his attention. The way we will do it, is by helping him know how we help startups move towards becoming a real business. We also love Shradha Sharma. We have already grabbed her attention and have partnered with Yourstory to offer complimentary testing services to startups in stages prior to and post their product launch.

Why startups should partner with us?

We test their dreams, ambitions, goals, feasibility, market analysis, competitiveness and product road map THROUGH their product or MVP.  The next question is: How do we do it?

No secret. An example serves best. A startup in its stealth mode approached us for a 2 month pre-launch testing of their product. We covered quality criteria that included Legal. Our team of testers found out that the product name they had given was already copyrighted by a German company and advised the startup founders to consider changing the product name to avoid legal issues in future.

Startups are like airplanes. They fly well till they hit birds. What we do in Moolya Startup Test Lab is to tell where the birds are and advice on how to avoid them. Some planes are built to handle bird hits. Some pilots know how to steer to safety after a bird hit. So, some startups who can manage the bird hit take testing lightly. We see bird hits as – slowing down what startups dream to achieve. While we do help you avoid bird hits, there are a million other things that can disturb the safety of the plane. We would be informing you as much as we can under our control. We help startups navigate towards greater success and help them grow. We act as a Navigator showing and lighting their path.

An insight into startups we have helped so far

Some of the products we tested for startups include :

    • Health Care – Diabetic Management System
    • Fashion Clothing E-commerce website
    • Plugins for Browser
    • Plugins for Microsoft Office Suite
    • A new programming language (oh yeah)
    • Rich IDE (Of course!)
    • APIs
    • Voice Mail System
    • Micro Volunteering System

What do Moolya Startup Test Lab Customers Think

“We worked with Moolya as we were putting finishing touches on our first public release: food:habits, an Android phone app for food tracking in India. Moolya’s team of testers gave us valuable daily feedback on any issues or bugs in the app. They were very professional and flexible to meet our requirements. It allowed us to confidently publicly release food:habits, knowing that we had good coverage of the various devices in the Android ecosystem.”

~ Michael Depa, CTO, Jana Care ~

“Moolya has worked very closely with us during the testing phase of and helped us identify several critical issues which otherwise wouldn’t have been noticed. They helped us not just test the application functionally but also provided qualitative feedback on the overall user experience of the application. Though the whole phase was executed remotely the coordination from Moolya’s end and the hard work put in was phenomenal! Would suggest Moolya to anyone looking forward to help in testing their applications. Thanks.”

~ Himanshu Chanda, CEO, Project Heena ~

“I value Moolya’s enthusiasm and energy, and I wish I could turn it off and on as needed. But I know that’s not how the world works. I hope Moolya knows that your work is incredibly valuable. I really appreciate the insights from Moolya”

~ Project Manager, A Browser Company ~

What makes Startups eligible for this service

  • You want to change the world with your product
  • You are building a product on web / mobile / desktop / cloud
  • You are full time into the startup

Numbers do tell a story sometimes

In last 6 months, we worked with 17 startups on 23 different projects on Web, Mobile, Desktop and Cloud platforms. A couple of them made us their testing partner as they grew. We are not boasting about what we did, but letting you know that we are being responsible in the startup ecosystem. Our testers are hungry to help you. Do you have a feed for them?

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