1 year completion interview : Pranitha Kashyap : Tech support to Testing

Rahul Mirakhur recently visited our office and he is our friend for a long time. Since the early days of 2007. He is a strong advocate of testers talking to tech support AND people from tech support moving to testing for the value they bring. I have been hearing this idea for a long time before starting Moolya and I thought I would try out the idea real-time. This does happen in the IT industry in India but typically happens only within the same organization but Moolya is probably the first to take from outside. Especially those who do not fake their profile.

PS: Tell us some of your memorable experiences over your first year at Moolya

There are many memorable experiences at Moolya.

1) My birthday celebration was the most memorable experience which I would cherish forever.
2) Breaking the chair handle was one of the scariest and funniest moment, as I didn’t mean to do it, but just happened. LOL
3) Meeting Shekar Kapur 🙂

Tea-time would be the funniest, as I would tease and make fun of most of the colleagues, and Mallikarjun the most 😀  I am also very grateful to have met James Bach, Keith Klain, Justin Hunter, Narayan Raman, Rahul Verma (though he is my neighbour, I didn’t know he was a well-known person)  This was possible only because of Moolya. Here I would like to thank my friend Leena for helping me find my way to Moolya.

PS: Considering this is not your first job and the first company you have worked with, how different is the Moolya experience?

Having worked before in a completely different entity as compared to Moolya, I just have to say this:

In my previous company, employees would get to see a high-level manager only when there would be any kind of high-level team meet or else, we would have no idea who our manager was, but here in Moolya, our bosses sit next to us and discuss of what is happening in work front and other areas of interest too…This clears the air or gap between the top heads and the employees and this is what is awesome!

PS: Do you want to talk about any specific colleague and how have they impacted you?

Starting with Manju, I have never come across any girl, who is so patient and is ready to do anything for any small help, the other person has done. She was my first colleague and best girl in Moolya. Yagnesh is a sweetheart, ready to listen to any query and tries his best to solve it. When I was handling a team, Vipin was the one who helped me create a path and to follow it, both for me and the team.
Abhilash is the one, who helped me understand the Android technology and he encourages me to write blogs, and I have some 3-4 drafts of blogs saved..LoL. I consider him my younger brother as I like him very much 😀  Ravi is more like a teacher than a colleague, he has loads of knowledge, which I would like to steal one day… (just kidding) Mampi is the best 🙂

I would like to thank PS, Pari, DS, Sunil and everybody in Moolya for helping me in my day to day activities.

_end of interview_

Best wishes to you Pranitha for gelling well and passing through tough times. You were kind enough to not mention the pressure you had, to recover from mistakes and emerged out as a winner. Some of your recent work is inspiring and we wish you an awesome time ahead. We acknowledge your contribution and being agile to change for being effective.

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