My Three Years @ Moolya

It gives me immense pleasure in saying I have completed 3 +years in Moolya I had to rewind my memory cells today. Rewinding about how I started my career with Moolya. This thought forces me to think about all the exciting memories that have gone by.

Let me start with how I came for an interview. I was very excited about getting into corporate the fun, the parties, the lifestyle everything & the very idea of independence. You must know how Engineering grads think of the corporate world. I was just about to finish my MTech when I saw a call letter from Moolya (It was my first one). As I went into the office, I was nervous but saw a bunch of happy guys in the office just running around doing their work in a seamless manner. Looked around & found that they had a photo of their own employees on different walls instead of paintings & that made me feel AWESOME! This was my first motivation of working here, of WHY MOOLYA?

I was a fresher and didn’t Know What Testing is and Why Testing as a career. Let me be frank I was just experimenting with my career opportunities. Moolya did help me a lot to complete my Mtech as I was in my last semester, was in mid of my project work. They provided me the required comfort so that I could complete my Masters. Here I would want to Thank, my mentors Parimala Hariprasad (Pari) and Ravisuriya for making my first 6 Months super smooth, a time that I had originally thought was going to be tough but fortunately completed managing very easily without a grin on my face.

As I completed my masters I was fortunate to be going into one of Moolya’s big project Flipkart. Then didn’t release how big an opportunity Moolya was giving me but now 3 years down the line I realize how big a deal it was for a fresher. Moolya has always trusted fresh minds and never doubted their capabilities. With all this learning process & having Fun at work I didn’t realize how I completed a year in Moolya – in Flipkart.

Let me tell you Moolya has never stopped throwing challenges, they have put me into bigger teams and bigger projects.
I remember about a project after Flipkart, The team for me was completely new and a completely new path in simple words a completely new challenge for me & the team that I worked with was again fresh minds with fresh thoughts along with very strong team leads who knew how to pull/push a team. Abhishek and Dheeraj, Yes I did learn a lot of teamwork and team collaboration from you guys. The complete team taught me not only lessons of testing but lessons for life. Hey!! You guys also taught me that I can have friends for life even at the workplace. Huh, let me not forget to mention Venkatesh K R who taught us working closely with the team leads can be so much more of fun and trust me he was never a lead but more of a friend whom you can tell anything and everything. Today if anyone says “huh leads are irritating” I would say “Sorry Team Leads are so much fun and Foodie 😛 ”. It’s from you Sir that we have learned to enjoy work and food. The weekly Pizza Parties & the fun on the ground are deeply missed today.

It feels like it was yesterday but it’s been 3 years now. Let me again quote Moolya has never stopped throwing me challenges & have constantly been going towards new roles and responsibilities. I want to thank Ramit Manohar Kaul for trusting me and giving me opportunity after opportunity to prove myself with his continuous guidance.
Didn’t really realize when Moolya from my workplace became a fun place and from a fun place became my 2nd Home. I also didn’t realize when a college-going silly girl became so serious about her testing career.
This article of a few hundred words will not be able to do justice with all the memories that I have cherished here at Moolya and all the wonderful people that I have met, I have missed many names, know that you are all there in my heart if not in this article.

Cheers to all the years that have passed & to all the years that are yet to come.

Written By:  Prapulla C | Sr. Exploratory Tester

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