1 year completion interview : Sai Sudha : The talkathon tester

Arthy Chandru would best describe Sai Sudha as “never-ending talk” and so does Sai, a talkathon tester. She keeps people away from sleeping in the office by constantly talking to them. On a serious note, Sai Sudha is talent – slowly discovering. She wrote a blog post that I read and was so proud to have someone write so very well working with us. She does have a great heart to help people if people approach her for help. We hired a developer in test, Manikandan who needed help reviewing his blog posts and making it sharp. Sai Sudha has been helping Mani bring the best out of his. This is how I imagined Moolya to be several years back and people like Sai Sudha are making it possible.

Sai Sudha has put herself in a unique position in Moolya. She has worked on almost all mobile app testing projects we got after she joined Moolya. She is quite excited about that and so are we. Sai Sudha would hardly get intimidated and that is a great quality to possess but when she is intimidated, she vows to work on skills to not be intimidated. Sai Sudha has the capability to lead the future and here are some words from her.

PS: Describe in your words the value Moolya adds to its customers?

SS: Factually, any client who has worked with Moolya for one project, has always extended its contract with Moolya, and have seen to it that they have been collaborated with Moolya for as long as they have apps to develop and be tested. This, as a matter of fact, speaks of the trust and the empathy the clients build eventually while being associated with Moolya.

So, I guess, this simply explains it all 🙂

PS: Do you want to talk about any specific colleague and how have they impacted you?

SS: Okay, this is a long list. So, I’d better go in chronological order, on how I was impacted.

Anil: Initially, when I had started to work with him,  words like “Sadu” & “Akdoo” (Dumb & Arrogant in Hindi) were what I’d associated with him. But gradually, I understood the humble & approachable person that he was!

He has come to become my 4 am friend, with whom I share the most silliest to the most complicated problems I have, & as always, he’s there to solve the 100′s of doubts and questions that occur to me even while at work, which involves the deep knowledge he has about Mobile Technology!

Arthy: Initially, again, I had a huge misconception about Arthy, that she’s not someone I could socialize with, as she looked like a typical decent housewife. Eventually, I discovered the real her, that was such a cool company to be with.

She’s somebody who doesn’t neglect even the silliest of doubts she gets while at work. Her deep enthusiasm to investigate anything to its roots is something I have always tried to learn.

There are also many other people I have become friends with, and are of equal importance to me.

Abi, my Tech Guru, is like a younger brother, with whom I indulge in childish fun! Both of us are Big Mouths, haha.

Nano, a very good friend. He’s an extremely cool and a chilled out guy, who doesn’t panic even when there is an Earthquake or a Tsunami 🙂 !! No matter what the situation is, his BP graph would remain the same, & this is something I adore in him!

Also, not to forget good pals like Abhishek, Sambit, Adil, Vidisha, Swathi, and many more. Everyone has somehow influenced and had an impact on me in their own ways, for the better.

Lastly, I would like to add about my strongest support – DS. He has been like the pillar of support throughout the entire journey. Very approachable, and always ready to listen to our problems, and comes up with a solution for all of it. While at times, he dons the toughest taskmaster’s role, a few other times, he’s as jovial and friendly, as the rest of us. But whatever it is, “Strength and Honor, DS is our Father”, will remain our motto forever 🙂 !!

_end of interview_

I could chuckle a lot reading it for the first time and that is I guess the same experience people will have reading this. Thanks Sai Sudha for contributing to what makes Moolya awesome – the power of awesome colleagues working with each other with no competition but pure improvement of skills. I have seen some of the mind maps she worked on and have asked her to explain it. She does it very well. Thanks for helping your colleagues as well as yourselves to do better professionally. It is my pleasure to publish this on your birthday. Happy Birthday and May you live long, to test more mobile apps and of course, keep talking 🙂

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