Two inspiring stories from Moolyans

In 2007, I was hired to coach about 150 college graduates newly recruited into a very large IT services company. On the first day, I asked them what are they passionate about that they wanted to make a career out of it? There was a significant percentage of people who didn’t want to be in IT. I had very simple advice to them – quit this job and chase your dreams. They laughed at me. I paused for a while – and then said – I thought I was supposed to laugh at you for not working towards your dream? to which they replied, “I have an education loan… I need to support my parents…I can’t afford to make my parents pay anymore…My parents forced me to pick this up… This is a very good company…I will work on my dream sometime later” and other stories you can imagine. This is where some people say “Let’s be pragmatic”. The pragmatism according to them is – everybody has dreams but not everybody can work towards it.

On similar lines, I am glad to bring to you two of Moolya’s young fellas who have done something that has made us proud and is inspiring.  I would like to remind you of this Open Letter to Parents, I published a year ago. We are obliged to bring these heroes to light.

The story of Ankit Yadav

One of Ankit’s passion is herpetology. His specific interest lies in snakes. He shares great stories about snakes. When I personally interviewed him, I asked him to name 10 breeds of snakes that are not commonly heard and as he listed, I just googled for them 🙂  His parents didn’t allow him to take up a career with snakes because it is dangerous. However, Ankit has moved on from it to entomology in Moolya – studying and chasing bugs!

Here is an incident that happened in his life, very recently in his own words. I liked his writing style and didn’t want to Pradeepify it! I have sought his permission to publish this!

September 12th, I got placed in Tech XYZ through campus placements. Never ever in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would have to wait for more than a year after graduation to get my offer letter. Around the same time, the factory my father worked at was shut down. A couple of loans within the family didn’t pan out well either. Personal loan seemed the only way out. My father’s loan application was rejected, luckily my brother’s wasn’t. After waiting for nearly 7 months post-graduation for the offer letter, I decided to look elsewhere rather more seriously. To my luck, one fine morning, I got a call from Pari. An interview was scheduled for 2 days later. Luckily I passed. Then about three weeks later, a face to face interview was setup. The rest, as they say, is history. Joining Moolya with an offer letter in hand from Tech XYZ raised a couple of eyebrows in my friend circle, some even mocked. I would be lying if I were to say that I wasn’t a little hesitant myself.

Once I joined, I never felt as a stranger here. Everything I was told about the corporate IT world came false. It didn’t take me much time to make friends. Astonished by its work environment, I wondered was it too good to be true? Everything about Moolya is eccentric, from friendly chats to Foosball games, from chocolates to beers, from birthday cakes to celebrate every little achievement. Soon Moolya had become my home far away from home. I gradually have started to enjoy testing. I know Moolya has a long way to go, but it’s a journey I wanted to be part of. In Pari, I find a mentor I always wanted. In Santhosh, I find a friend & brother who helps me out in my troubles. In you sir, I find a father figure watching me grow & guiding me all the time.

When I got a call on Tuesday morning from Tech XYZ HR asking me when I could join them, I was dumbfounded. I dreaded for this moment to not arrive, but it did. I just gave him some details & hung up. I then went upto Vipin & told him the entire situation. He asked me, what did I want? I told him how much I liked Moolya & how much wanted to stay at Moolya. He then suggested to involve you, & then you suggested to involve Pari. I couldn’t get myself together & started to tremble. Then out of nowhere, I was offered a solution that I could get an interest free loan from the company. I was bemused to see how much Moolya valued me & wanted to help me. By lunch, it was clear to me that Moolya is where I wanted to be. I still took the entire day to decide what must be done, weighing my options without consulting my family. I couldn’t sleep that night. I called up Mom as early as 6.30 the next morning. Told her the whole scenario. She asked me to take up the job at Tech XYZ as it would help out back home, financially. I understood her predicament, probably not to the depth as her’s. She explained to me how taking up the job at Tech XYZ would serve out well in a longer-term. After the call, I woke my brother up & asked for his views on the matter. He added to Mom’s views as it would also help him out on the loan he took but, at the same time told me to do what my heart wished & went back to sleep. I called up Dad after that & explained to him how happy I was working at Moolya & wanted to continue working here. I also told him what Moolya was ready to do for me. He was amazed, happy & proud that Moolya was willing to help us out. All I wanted to hear was “Do what you wish son, things will work out eventually.” & that’s precisely what he said. After that, convincing Mom was a lot easier. I had already made up my mind but, a decision which directly affects the whole family was my first. Unarguably the toughest decision I had to make in my life. To get everyone’s backing was not easy but in the end, everyone respected my decision. I decided to stay at Moolya & I stand by it. I remember you saying “I’m glad you are going through this phase.” Maybe now I understand why. Now, I’m glad that I made a decision that will define not only my career but also me. Thank you for believing in me.

Here is our proud youngster who swam up stream and didn’t heed to the current direction of the world. We are very proud to have him with us and very proud that our vision, culture and passion has made him happy to stay with us. Now, there are plenty of other companies who have a good culture. However, some youngsters are wooed to go work for bigger brand names and on-site opportunities. Ankit is chasing his new dream in Moolya to become an awesome tester. Keep watching out for this guy!

While one story went like that, here is another story.

The story of Vikram Raj

Vikram started working with us a month and a half back. Prior to working with us he was preparing to be in the Indian Army. He has great physique and great charisma. He did go through the selection round once and got dropped because of an injury. Post which his family might have asked him to look for a private job. Last week, he didn’t turn up to work for 2 days in a row calling in sick. On the third day we got an email from him. We would like to present the unedited version of the same.

Respected Moolyans,

Its Vikram Raj here.I am enroute to New Delhi now.I am really sorry I have not informed you all regarding this.I want to clarify things now coz I owe this to you all.I have been working with you all for past one and half months.You all are are very dedicated and enthusiastic professional.You all have one thing in common ie, you all are passionate about testing and dedicated to your work.I worked with you all and felt that I am doing injustice to you all.neither do I have such passion or such dedication towards testing.I tried my best to chuck the army thing from my mind but I can’t. Especially its very tough to forget your passion when you are working with ultra passionate people around you.So I have decided to go to Delhi and prepare for examinations.I am not made for private jobs. I have decided this thing on Friday after a long discussion with my family and friends. I feel very small in front of you all now because I am prioritizing myself ahead of commitment made.I am really sorry for that and hope you all will forgive me.

Now regarding that amount of money that I have to pay if I am leaving without notice.Please mail me the details of that and account number.I will pay the sum required in some time.

Hope to meet you all in uniform…


Vikram Raj

and here is our public response to him

Dear Vikram,

You made us proud. You are about to make yourselves and our country proud. You shouldn’t be sorry. We are glad you quickly discovered the value of chasing your passion – just like how we are doing for testing. We, the real passionate will succeed.

It is great passionate men and women like you guarding our country against all potential threat makes us feel safe. Salute the Army. We shall steal a little bit of credit that Moolya was also responsible to produce a soldier.

See you in uniform, Jai Hind!

Fellow Moolyans

PS: You were a warrior in Moolya Academy, already!

It is people like these who make Moolya and the testing we do awesome! If any future clients want to know how passionate our testers are – I am going to send them this link among others.

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