Story of a Dev Finding Her True Calling as a Tester- Monisha M

Monisha M - Tester

“Losing my father recently has shaken my world. I have never experienced such personal pain ever in my life. However, Moolya at least made sure that I don’t have to go through a rough patch professionally. They helped me to live through it. So Moolya is not just my company but an emotion for me, right now”

When does your professional life get entangled with your personal one? You’ll never know. This is a personal story of finding one’s profession. One’s true calling. This is the story of Monisha M

“I remember being a teacher’s pet, as a child. I recall learning all the values and virtues from them. But when I stepped into my college life I realized how naive I was. As an engineering student I always had this natural knack for finding bugs in a code. But as it often happens, I overlooked my natural talent. And eventually got placed in an MNC as a software developer. I was over the moon and never took it that seriously” 

Reality often teaches us to know ourselves better. Sometimes under harsh settings but it’s better late than never. 

“I started my career as a dot net full stack developer. But within a year I understood that developing is not my cup of tea. It took a toll on my physical and mental health. I needed to think things through and focus on who I am. Instead of trying to fit in. Then after taking a 10 months break I started to look for a fresh beginning and with the help of my cousin brother I got to know about Moolya”

“Here in Moolya I found my place as a tester. I again got back to my learning mode, like I did as a child. I learned that testing is not just about finding bugs but it’s about adding value to the apps by preventing the bugs. This learning has excited me. And motivated me like before. So even during this time of my personal crisis, I am glad to have Moolya by my side”

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