Crossing Several Hurdles to become an Award Winning Tester- Vasu Venkatesh

Vasu Venkatesh - Exploratory Tester

“When I received the offer letter from Moolya, I cried. My long wait had ended. The innumerable calls I made to Susmitha ultimately offered the answer. I had a feeling in my heart that I’ve ultimately found my place.

 Believe it or not, Moolya was the 87th company I had applied for but if you ask me now Moolya would be my 1st choice” 

Ambition often helps you overcome obstacles. Born to agriculturist parents, Vasu Venkatesh worked really hard to score high grades, shape his own career, and write his own story

“My sister always inspired me. She was the class topper . This gave me the extra push to do well in school. And also my parents. They couldn’t assist me academically but I remember them staying awake, all night, comforting me while I prepared for my exams. Then of course my uncle Venkatesan who sponsored my education. 

And I owe my good grades to all of them. 

But after completing my 12th grade I had to take a call. 

It became obvious that they couldn’t keep on supporting my education financially. So from that very early age I learned to take care of my own needs”

The popular saying “Life is not a bed of roses” couldn’t fit more accurately. 

“I started working at KFC ever since the 3rd semester of my college. In the morning I used to attend classes and in the evening I used to work. 

By regularly  saving money early in my life I also was able to afford an internship in Sri Lanka. That journey had taught me many things and it was nothing short of an adventure” 

What is most inspiring about Vasu’s story is that despite the hurdles that he crossed he didn’t settle for anything less. 

From winning “Young Innovator Awardby Ignitor Space to getting prizes in Badminton tournaments , Vasu is living life to the fullest.  And staying hungry for more. 

“ While it’s true that early in my career I didn’t get enough guidance and assistance from people around me, I must also thank the few people who did. 

Hemant Survase from my previous employment is certainly one of those rare ones. And  now here in Moolya I owe my thanks to  Ashwath and Mahaboob”

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