Story of a Moolyan Creating the Ultimate Cultural Connect- Damayanti Chowdhury

Damayanti Chowdhury - Employee Experience Manager

“A career in communications was certainly my choice but getting into the right organization was the ultimate aim. After completing my Masters in Media & Communications, I was freelancing for a while.

Then a few months later, Moolya happened. And ever since that day it has been a whole new adventure for me”

Our Senior Associate- Employee Experience, Damayanti Chowdhury is a familiar face of Moolya. Each month we get to read her captivating emails summarizing the events of the month. A talented writer herself, Damayanti came to Moolya practically as a fresher.

And this is the story of her growth.

“There were a lot of adjustments for me, during the first 6 months or so. Back when I was in college I used to be around a certain kind of people. But Moolya introduced me to the world.

I got to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures. And building a bridge of communication with them was my first step of learning. To be honest, I used to feel intimidated and hesitant about opening up at first.

But with time, my team helped me identify my key strengths and discover my own role here in Moolya. Now guess what, I found out that I am actually good with people. And so that’s what I am doing here.”

As a key member of Moolya’s People Team, Damayanti is the one who connects with different teams across the company and keeps them motivated and engaged.

“I remember writing these huge paragraphs while Chandini used to ask me to keep it short. It was a continuous learning process wherein I got to understand the psyche and culture of the testing world.

Now I have even got a promotion here in Moolya. The first ever in my career. This has been an immense confidence boost as I look forward to making more impact in the near future”

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