From a Talented Tester to Becoming a Leader in Testing- Jyoti Singh

Jyoti Singh - Associate Test Manager

“It was 2017 when I joined Moolya. I will never forget the warmth and the support Chandini had offered me during my initial days and also when I joined work after maternity break. That’s Moolya for me. Somewhere I feel like home as a tester and as a person” 

Our brilliant associate test manager Jyoti Singh has recently completed her 6th work anniversary as a Moolyan. Her contribution to the customer’s project has been incredible. 

“Working from the client location comes with its own set of challenges. But what kept me going was the constant connection that Chandini established with us. She used to visit us each month. And that itself was a beautiful reminder of the fact that we’re “Moolyans’ and Moolya values us. 

When I joined Moolya I was going through many changes. It had only been a while since I moved to Bangalore from Hyderabad. I had to adapt to the new work culture and the lifestyle”

Many testers had shared experiences of unlearning and then learning here in Moolya. Jyoti Singh’s story echoes the same sentiment. 

“It was a completely new domain for me. The customer team consisted of a pool of talented people. But I gained my confidence from the trust Moolya showed to me. Backed by that support I quickly started working on AI and API testing. Obtained very good understanding of LINUX and AWS. 

But more than the testing itself, I learned to become a leader here in Moolya. Recently I had undertaken leadership training with Pradeep and enrolled in the ‘Dev in Testing’ training program. When it comes to sharing knowledge, I believe, Moolya is always ahead of its time. All the seminars and the sessions keeps us updated and helps us deliver better value to the client” 

Over the past 6 years and more Jyoti has made many significant impacts on the customer project by contributing to measurable outcomes on the business. 

“What we as Moolya testers have successfully achieved is establishing a communication between us and the dev and the prod team. In that way we’ve influenced positive changes in the quality of the product by sharing meaningful feedback to their test cases, preventing bugs in the design phase, and offering contextual suggestions”

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