Inspirational Marketer: Rapti Gupta’s Story as Bugasura’s Co-Founder and CMO

Rapti Gupta - CMO & Co-Founder of Buagasura

“I saw that there’s a gap between the market and the tool. And marketing alone can fill the gap between the market and the tool. As a marketer, that’s what tempted me to join this exciting new venture.”

The biztech cyberspace is buzzing with the same news. Rapti Gupta is now the CMO & Co-Founder of

“Along with the title there comes a lot of responsibility. And I am very excited to start this new chapter of my journey with Bugasura. I’m definitely looking forward to all the learnings and the unlearnings this new role brings to me” 

Rapti has already become the front face of Moolya’s unique bug tracking tool. Hence this new announcement seems like a fitting recognition. 

“I always believed in the potential of Bugasura. The way Pradeep brought those existing market pain points, during our initial discussions made me curious. I realized Bugasura can offer real quality by addressing some preexisting problems.” 

Marketing such a unique product definitely comes with its own set of challenges. That’s why Rapti along with her team have created a culture to stay constantly motivated. 

“Pradeep showed us the value of the small wins. This was a vital learning experience since we as marketers are often hit with an imposter syndrome whenever we achieve some success. In that process, we forget to celebrate the smaller victories. And it’s important to recognize them. Because there’s a power of compounding these little wins. Since eventually it becomes a big victory ” 

When it comes to Rapti’s marketing strategies, it’s hard to ignore the uniquely flamboyant approach she adopts. 

I only have one philosophy. And that is the customer is God! If you don’t understand the pulse of the customer you cannot personify the brand in accordance with their taste & preference. For me, that’s the central aspect of any marketing plan.”

As bewildered spectators, it’s impossible for us to know if Rapti is a part of Bugasura or is it the other way around. But while we continue living with this beautiful dilemma, we await to see more glorious victories for both the tool and the marketer. 

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