Leading Moolya from its Very Beginning- Venkatesh KR

Test Manager - Venkatesh KR

“When I joined Moolya there were only 70 of us. From there, now it feels extraordinary to witness such a growth. I literally grew along with my organization and it is indeed a special feeling for someone like me”

Daring to join a start-up is one thing. But leading it to its glory for more than 9 years is certainly a story worth telling. This is the tale of our ever-reliable Test Manager, Venkatesh KR. 

“At the time I came to Moolya I already had quite a bit of testing experience under my belt. But what attracted me towards this venture was the nature and range of projects that Moolya works on. 

With the kind of freedom offered to me it was a whole new learning experience. I was given the liberty to make decisions and also make mistakes, at the same time.  And then consequently learn from them. 

So even though I had already worked as a tester before, here in Moolya I had spent more quality time on active testing than on anything else. This has made this journey so fulfilling and enriching.”

Learning is a continuous pursuit. This philosophy applies more than ever when it comes to testing. 

“As a tester I got to know a lot here. Especially when it comes to exploratory testing, my entire learning has been in Moolya. It was something new to me, back in 2014. 

And also what I discovered here in Moolya is that testing has a structure to it guided by the business context. This has offered me the right kind of direction to make testing more impactful for the projects we’re working on“

Venkatesh has not only played a pivotal role in shaping Moolya to what we are today but also he is now leading us to new milestones along with his peers. 

“What I enjoyed most about my journey here is that both Pradeep and DS believe in context driven testing. And most importantly they put it into practice. But apart from them I would also like to say that Bhavana has been a phenomenal influence on each and every Moolyan including myself. Her adherence to the Moolya’s philosophy of testing is an inspiration to all of us”

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