Meghana K J


“After shifting to Bangalore, I was applying to as many as 20 jobs per day. It was when I checked Moolya out, for the first time, and heard the catchy rap song. I had also seen Pradeep’s Vlogs and immediately decided that Moolya has to be my company, and that my new journey will be as a Moolyan.”

Vibrant and cheerful Meghana describes the unconventional path she took to become a software tester at Moolya. Joining as an intern back in April 2021, Meghana quickly caught up with the pace of live projects and became an Associate Exploratory Tester for the WAC project. 

“My parents wanted me to become a government employee. That’s why after graduation I started working for a government agency. But I was very unhappy there and desperately wanted a change. Happiness in work is important and that’s something I have learned here in Moolya. So when I cleared the three rounds of interviews to become an intern at Moolya, I was simply over the moon”

“I will never forget the warm welcome I had received upon joining Moolya and it immediately felt like home. Even though Deepa Bhatt and Steffi Thomas have both left the organization they have actually taught me what it means to be a Moolyan. The first three months were amazing, and then I got into the Jupiter project and worked on the UI/UX testing.”

Always generous with her words and appreciations Meghana mentions how the mentorship of Meenakshi has helped her during the initial stages of the Jupiter project. She is also in all praises for her current manager Hamsa Nandini. 

“Hamsa is definitely one of the best leads I have worked with. Despite having a very short deadline for the WAC project she had never put additional pressure on us and never did I feel burnt out or stressed. A cool and composed leader makes the work easier.”

But it’s not just the mentors and the team leads that Meghana wants to thank.

“This is my story so far. But before it ends I must also give a special mention to my project partner Supreetha J and all the colleagues of the WAC project. Thank you!”

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