Discussing Equality and Inclusion with Moolyans

Moolya is a true believer of equality and inclusion. This International Women’s Day, we asked our women how they feel as a part of our family. This is a compilation of their opinions.

Our core culture, in Moolya, celebrates being human, inclusivity and equality. Being a Moolyan, we celebrate womanhood in its truest essence. Our Moolyans are storytellers and inspiring beings as individuals. We spoke with our inspiring Sheroes of Moolyans and heard them share their stories.

Priyadarshini Ram Kumar“At Moolya I found professional growth and enjoy flexibility in my work. I feel it is important that our efforts are appreciated not just one day but regularly. It is wonderful to have a support system that values your growth. To all the women out there, we are no less than anyone and we can achieve anything.”

Priyadarshini Ram Kumar
(Associate Test Manager)

Bhavana Mutha G“What I love about Moolya is it gives me a voice and a sense of independence. I was encouraged to take a stand from the first day. For me, that is the best example of empowering and inclusive. To everyone out there, whenever you can take the mic and put out your thoughts and experiences. You might inspire someone else.”

Bhavana Mutha G
(Accounts Executive)

Defney Sneha Lobo“I feel women’s day should be about celebrating women who make and empower men and women every day. Being a Moolyan, I feel that I am surrounded by very talented people who inspire me to give my best in every aspect of my life. Being in the company of such people has taught me that our endeavours are limitless.”

Defney Sneha Lobo
(Associate Lead ET)

Divya Srivastava“I have always felt that my ideas and views are heard and given importance at Moolya. I think we are a team working towards achieving the same goal. It is in a collaboration that we bring out our best work. I believe that we should work with a lot of dedication and focus on the process but not fret about the result.”

Divya Srivastava
(Manager Human Relation)

Sneha Polaki“I am a strong believer that women’s day should be about equality of opportunities for all women across the globe. At Moolya I look up to many women who believe in the notion of equality for all. It was the mentorship of my fellow Moolyans that has shaped my professional and personal life today. For everyone out there, I think we should have confidence in our abilities and always work and pursue our dreams.”

Sneha Polaki
(Associate Lead SDET)

Athira V L“I feel Moolya gave me a space to be both a mother and a driving force at my work. I was supported to bring the best work by all my fellow Moolyans. Being a parent I also understand that it is a responsibility to create a generation that believes in equality and that gives freedom and gives chance to every individual.”

Athira V L
(Lead – Employee Relations)

Venkata Naga Bhavani Sruti Somaraju“Women’s day for me is about celebrating and appreciating the women in our lives. I want to say that Moolya has always supported me in taking up new challenges and ventures. I always felt free to express my ideas and independent to execute them. I would say that appreciate everyone’s effort every time you have the chance.”

Venkata Naga Bhavani Sruti Somaraju
(Lead ET)

Sukanya Rajendran“Moolya gave me a platform of opportunities to explore and grow. I felt no boundation for any of the ventures I took up. Moolya was welcoming of my choices and my ideas. Moolya understands the needs of each Moolyan. I have an amazing set of mentors and trustworthy peers. My message to the world is to take up challenges. There is no limit to achievements for those who dare to bring up change.”

Sukanya Rajendran
(Associate Lead ET)

Rapti Gupta“Moolya has always had an even number of men and women in their leadership from the very beginning. This has helped teams always treat each other as equals in every aspect. As we are moving forward, I am happy that more and more women are moving into leadership roles with all the flair. My message to everyone on this Women’s day is, don’t doubt your abilities and take a stand for yourself and help each other win.”

Rapti Gupta
(Marketing Head)

Jyoti Singh Gour“As a Moolyan, I have always felt encouraged to achieve new heights and have always been given a lot of support for all the endeavours I took up. I feel today women have a clear view of their goals and their ambitions. Their potential is acknowledged by everyone around them. My message for everyone on this women’s day is your love, care, compassion and sensitivity make the world more beautiful.”

Jyoti Singh Gour
(Associate Test Manager)

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