Anil Kumar : 1 year completion interview : A tank of budding potential

Anil Kumar came to the interview with his friend, both fresh out of college. I personally decided to interview both of them together. This is the time DS and I were talking to hunt in packs and we wanted to try out the first duo pack. Anil’s friend couldn’t join us so we couldn’t hunt in a pack but 1 year later, we are pleased with how Anil has shaped himself. DS, I believe has played a great mentor role in Anil’s career so far and has helped him grow from a shy young boy to a man who seems to be growing up with passion, focus and skills. Anil worked hard on the feedback given on him. He took it personally, in good ways.

I am a skeptic, so was I with Anil, on many occasions. He has come to earn my respect over time by working hard and demonstrating change wherever needed. Like every other tester in Moolya, he went through times that were challenging (when he didn’t know how to deal with them) and later started learning how to deal with them (like every other tester in Moolya has /or on the way/) His work is primarily on testing mobile apps and he worked on a specific project long enough that he is now on to another while putting his hands on some of the R&D work we required at a business level. Our testers get opportunities to contribute to various dimensions of testing business and not just for projects. Anil helped us on pilot work for potential customers and his work quality was good enough for our standards.

PS: What have you done in Moolya and what has Moolya done to you?

AK: My first achievement in Moolya is when I became a part of Mobile Colosseum and started working in a mobile project. Starting from those days, I had become more and more inquisitive about Mobile technology. Moolya has done a lot to me, for instance – the appreciations I received, which pushed me to learn new things & do something more crazy & innovative! Thanks, Moolya for giving me a chance to prove myself different from others.

PS: Tell us some funny, interesting, memorable experiences you have had in Moolya?


I enjoyed each and every moment but here are some memorable experiences which I would always cherish.

  1. Pondicherry trip – The travel, our stay at Pondy, and the return journey, was probably the most beautiful experience I have ever had.
  2. When I had proposed my commander DS 😀
  3. The day I completed my one year at Moolya.
  4. Colosseum’s one-year completion celebration.

Going out for lunch daily with colleagues, and having fun there, and many such things we do together! These are some of the unforgettable moments for me.

 PS: Describe in your words the value Moolya adds to its customers?

AK: Moolya has some of the most talented testers, who know what the others outside Moolya do and also what we can do, to differentiate ourselves from others. Here, testers do a great job in terms of value addition. They care for the customers’ product, their business, end users as well as the users’ feedback, unlike most other companies,  J

Best wishes Anil, you have rocked and you will rock for many years to come. Its time to pull the socks, and learn how to be a better swordsman and to win the crowd. You have won your freedom, now you need to win your name.

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