Mrigakshi Sarma


“I entered my 30s with anxiety. Without the kind of job I’d been trying to get for a decade, I didn’t know where things were headed for me..”

“This is my little story. A story of a small-town girl, from Assam, who had a big dream of becoming a software engineer and settling in the city of Bangalore.”

Looking back at her path full of hurdles, Moolya’s Mrigakshi Sharma tells us how challenging yet satisfying it was to finally get her dream job. 

Even if it was in her 30’s. 

“I had to fight huge battles to start my career in engineering. I always desired to join the industry. However, I felt that luck wasn’t in my favour, I started by becoming a lecturer at an engineering college.”

“I did my M.Tech and carried on with the job. But I knew that it wasn’t my destiny. I made a promise to myself that I will achieve my dreams one day. And I never gave up.”

After spending 3.5 years as a lecturer, marriage brought Mrigakshi to Bangalore and she was excited about the prospects and opportunities it came with. She then pursued a degree in Software Testing. 

However, another major hurdle awaited her – the Pandemic. 

“Despite my endless efforts, the pandemic played a very crucial role in deciding my fate. But after spending 1.5 years of sleepless nights I finally got an interview call from Moolya and the rest is history ”

Upon completing her 6 months of training, Mrigakshi is now an Associate SDET at Moolya Testing. 

Moolya thanks Mrigakshi and is extremely proud to have someone with her level of energy and dedication. 

“I will always treasure the day when the designation Associate SDET sparkled on my profile. I realised that a decade of hard fought battles have finally brought me to my destiny.”

We thank Mrigakshi deeply for choosing Moolya. And teaching us that it’s never too late to pursue our dreams.

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