Nayana K


“Now if I’m being totally honest with you then I should let you know that I always wanted to be a software developer. Not a tester. It was after I got an internship at Moolya my perception about testing had changed. I have discovered a whole new world here”

A self-proclaimed extrovert and a chatterbox, Nayana K narrates her journey of becoming an intern in Moolya. 

“After completing my MCA from the BMSIT college of Bangalore I was looking for an internship. It was quite challenging due to the pandemic. I had got some offers but none of them appealed to me. It was then when I got into Moolya and was overwhelmed by the welcoming atmosphere”

Like many other young graduates and postgraduates of 2021, Nayana couldn’t escape the wrath of the pandemic. 

“I recall the time when the lockdown had started. It was the month of March and I along with my entire family had gone to our ancestral home in the village of Pavagada to spend some time. The lockdown came as a blessing to us youngsters because normally we barely got time to spend with each other. However, after a while it got suffocating”

By nature Nayana is a very energetic and sportive individual. That’s the reason why the entire lockdown has put a heavy toll on her, like on many of us. 

“After coming back to Bangalore, I binge-watched all the serieses from Netflix, Amazon Prime and what not. I was frustrated being stuck at home. I desperately wanted my life back”

“For me, joining Moolya was by far the most refreshing experience in the last couple of years. Now I got my life back. Initially I didn’t expect much socialisation because I am just an intern. But now I have realised that there is nothing called ‘just an intern’ in Moolya. Everyone treats you like a member of the family. I am grateful to the Moolya Creative Club for involving me in the anniversary event and again now I feel the energy and urge to lead a super-active life, like before”

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