Syeda Nida Seher


“14th of March, 2020 was the last day I saw my classmates. Back then, I never realised that I would have to wait almost a year to see them again. It was never the same”

The pandemic hasn’t been a good time for anyone. But for students graduating in the same year, it was a time of trauma and anxiety. Moolya’s fresh intern Syeda narrates her rocky pandemic journey.

“Graduating from Engineering during the pandemic was the worst. never imagined that  something like this is possible. Honestly, I was not sure that I will ever get a job, let alone in the IT industry”

After fighting all her battles and clearing the mist of uncertainty, Syeda has joined Moolya in October and has already made a mark. Currently going through various case studies, she is enjoying every moment of her new life. 

“Developing softwares was never my cup of tea. I always wanted to be a tester. That’s why when I got a call from a core testing company like Moolya I was excited and nervous at the same time. I was worried about the technical round but the interview went super smooth and I started gaining more confidence as it went on.”

Syeda admits that her life has altered after getting the job. Each day is a new learning experience for her. 

“I think that I changed after joining Moolya. I am definitely more confident now and the people around me are always so sweet and humble that I’m forgetting about the dark days I faced in the last year”

However, Syeda has not forgotten the people who were around her during her phase of struggle and that’s why she thanks her closest friends and her dear mother who had always been there for her. 

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