Journey Of Our Exploratory Tester – Chitranshi Chopra’s Story

Chitranshi Chopra - Senior Exploratory Tester | Moolya

“You can say that I am a proud functional tester. I believe that human intervention, in testing, is and will always be necessary.

The way I see it, understanding the business context is something that cannot be taken away from us. And that’s where I like to add more value. And that has been my main learning here in Moolya ”

With more than a decade of experience in the testing industry, Chitranshi Chopra has worked on multiple projects across the entire globe. However, what’s more remarkable is her humility and the passion for testing in general. 

I always think from the end user’s perspective. That’s a habit I grew in Moolya.  Time and again, that has helped me to make an impact on the customer’s business. If I am being honest, this kind of mindset is a recent addition. 

Back in 2012 when I started my career it was a different story altogether. I was eager to prove myself. As a tester it can be very challenging to gain visibility. 

But things have changed since those early days.  Now as a functional tester I like to see the entire picture of the business I am working for and where exactly I can deliver the value. And Moolya’s context driven testing strategy enables me to do it. ” 

However, Chitranshi’s career was not devoid of its own hurdles and breaks. Due to family obligations she had to take a few breaks in her career. Similarly, motherhood also compelled her to take a break, later on. 

“My daughter was only 8 months old when Moolya happened to me. I instantly felt that the culture here is more welcoming to working mothers like me. 

Moreover now that I have been here for more than a year I feel that the approach of Moolya towards problem solving aligns well with my intentions of testing. In that way, I get complete visibility of the projects and also constant appreciation from my teammates and the customers”

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