Hiring: Exploratory Software Tester who can contribute to changing the world of software testing with Moolya

Moolya is how a software testing company should aim to be. We aim to think that in future if there have to be two chapters of a history of software testing they should be Before Moolya and After Moolya. If you did smile or laugh at that, we thank you. That is how big we dream.

We have some of the awesome test teams who do exploratory testing and are context-driven because we believe that is a natural way of testing. They help our existing customers who range from niche start-ups to multibillion-dollar organizations on media, retail, e-commerce, banking, e-learning, social media, mobile apps, web application from India, United Kingdom, United States and Europe to get the real value, mostly because they believe in doing testing and no wasteful documentation. On our core lies our power to deliver wide and deep test coverage by harnessing the power of existing techniques and inventing new ones. We go a number of times beyond what gets covered with a traditional approach to testing. As a matter of fact, we should stop comparing our testing to the traditional approaches, they aren’t testing anyways.

Having done this, a lot of customers’ attention is turning towards us. We have more requests than testers to accommodate those requests. We have more requests from our existing customers and potential customers. Before we started Moolya, many people thought exploratory testing as a practise can’t be scaled. We did it to 25 people. Now we with you, we can do it to much more.

So, how do we know how you can help in changing the world of software testing?

  • You are a context-driven tester at heart
  • You practice testing (like how great professionals do) (music, sports, arts,…)
  • You have demonstrated high-value contribution in the organization you are working
  • You are respected and or known by people to have contributed to change
  • You think you are a superhero and with a team of Avengers you can stop Loki and his army
  • You write a blog, publish articles in testing, speak at conferences, network with cool testers
  • You coach and or consult testers outside of your work
  • You love testing so much that you don’t feel tired testing (not the documentation)
  • You are sick of the world that forces you to write detailed steps of what you know you should be doing
  • You are highly responsible when given the freedom
  • You wanted to be a commando in the army and or still want to experience how it would be if you were a test commando
  • You know one or many of the technologies related to web and mobile
  • You have high energy that is infectious
  • You love to smile and love seeing others smile when you meet people
  • You love to listen to music while at work
  • Want to be in the credit list of changing the world of software testing

Note: This is not a job posting, it is an invite to change the world. So, don’t screw up your opportunity.

How to apply?

Be crazy, be creative.

Tell us how you can help us help you change the world. Tell us your vision of software testing, how creative you have been and a lot of story we are willing to read and talk to you. *We don’t want the usual resume* Lets change the world together, with you, we can do it faster.

Write to us your story and vision to change the world of software testing at careers@moolya.com along with your phone number.

If you are not from India and would love to take an internship with us. Please, feel free to write to us. Consider giving us at least 3-4 months to plan.

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