Prateek Mathur


“If you had told me a few years ago that I would work for an esteemed organisation like Moolya and win “Mr. Cool” title in my first year , I would’ve laughed it off. But that’s what Moolya does, it makes the impossible possible.”

Prateek has been recognised as ‘Mr. Cool’ in the quarterly awards and his entire team has also received accolades for their exceptional performance. 

“Getting appreciated by Pradeep got me over the moon. The way he noted the similarities between my efforts and MS Dhoni filled me up with gratitude and gave me the strength to move forward and become a true leader just like our Thalla.”

However, Pradeep is not the only visionary who has spotted Prateek’s talent. Recently Radhika Agarwal, a senior PM of the Jupiter app has praised Prateek’s thorough understanding of the Payment System and his ability to provide relevant suggestions. 

“Jupiter has always given me adequate time to understand the requirements and has acknowledged every single bug I’ve raised”

A good software tester needs to have an inquisitive mind and Prateek was gifted with one from his very childhood. He is also a Moolyan with many hidden talents like writing. 

“As a kid, I used to read about unsolved mysteries and I used to spend hours looking and learning about them on YouTube. Now,  I observe people and their energies  and try to put that observation into words as paper is my canvas. I write whatever I feel. ”

After conversing with Prateek we realised that he is not only ‘Mr. Cool’ in work but also in life.

Prateek Mathur, Multiverse Enthusiast, Exploratory Tester, and a true Moolyan.

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