The Learning Curve: Chhaya Pawar’s Dynamic Role as Lead ET

Lead ET - Chhaya Pawar

“Moolya’s approach towards testing taught me to go deeper into the product. Ask questions directly to the PO and the Customer. Gaining a full understanding of the context is something I learned here .”

Our Lead ET, Chhaya Pawar, called herself a Moolyan for the past 6 years. Over the years she has led Moolya in many customer projects making a significant impact.

“I had to move to Bangalore from Mumbai due to marriage. I knew no one in the city. So when I joined Moolya, the Moolyans became my family. Chandini Mokthar created a strong bond with me, during my initial days. And I must also mention Amit Vyas, Bhavana Vasudev, and Venkatesh who made life easier for me”

We Moolyans are known to enjoy our professional growth and personal development here at Moolya. So it’s obvious that Chhaya’s story is full of learning.

“I did get to grow a lot as a tester here in Moolya. From API testing, and database testing, to knowing about test coverage- the learning is continuous. Then again, I got to gather knowledge on UI Automation, Robot Framework, and a lot more.

Above everything else, I got accustomed to Moolya’s way of Testing.”

But professional growth doesn’t spur without the support we need in our personal lives.

“What I find most fascinating is the way Moolya accommodated my motherhood into the work routine. So after my maternity leave back in 2021, I was assigned a project with much flexibility, allowing me to get in tandem with my desired work-life balance”

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