Ajison E U


“I saw potential in the product Bugusura and I saw my future in it. That motivated me to work on the designing of the Bugasura tracker, Bugasura reporter, the Bugasura extension and finally the Moolya website and now I am leading the Moolya design team”

Our super talented senior designer with a constant creative spree, Ajison E U describes how he nurtured his childhood passion and made it into his career.

“Painting and pencil drawings were my go-to things whenever I got bored as a child. Then the hobby grew into a passion and later it became my identity. This love for designing is what eventually pursued me to seek a career in UI/UX”

Like many young professionals, who are aiming to do something different, Ajson’s path of self-discovery was full of twists and turns. 

“Since I loved designing I started my career as a graphic designer. But I quickly realised that I have a yearning for something more. So I quit my first job and pursued a polytechnic in computer science and engineering. There I graduated with high marks and fell in love with JAVA. I got placed in a company from the campus itself but I kept on looking for a job which will bring me back to the track of designing and as my ‘kismat’ would have it I got offered a job as a front-end engineer and from there on I learned about website designing and eventually became a UI/UX designer.”

Ajison’s path of getting into Moolya is not something less than fascinating. 

“I already had experience of more than 3 years in UI/UX when I first came in contact with Moolya, back in 2018. It was a special year for me. I got married and I moved to Bangalore from Kochi. It was a new beginning.  I would say that after working for various companies, my new life kick-started with Moolya as I was excited to design a product from scratch. The interview was at Starbucks and I remember telling them that I want to make my mark. Now that product is being recognised worldwide and let me tell you that there is no better feeling than that”

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