Vipin Vinchurkar : 1 year completion interview @ Moolya

Vipin is an awesome guy. Everybody in Moolya knows him and respects him. It is very easy for people to notice his energy and passion. He is grooming himself to be more awesome and we are very proud of him. He sent us a test report when applying to our company, we went through it and had a series of discussions with Sunil and Parimala and hired him. I was skeptical how this guy would shape himself up in Moolya but what he has done to himself is phenomenal.

Vipin co-founded the intra-company-weekend-testing style stuff called FNL which is Friday Night Lights where testers are given a mission and have limited time to work. Some assignments are paired and some times it is an individual task. Through this, he has been driving great lessons. We are proud to have people like him and there are many more in making – which is why our hope to change the world has multiplied over the last year.

We have interviewed, mostly a text interview so far to all those who completed one year with us and decided to change the style a little bit and surprise him with questions but Vipin being the cool guy he is, look at how cool he handles it.

Vipin is the co-owner of Moolya. After you watch the video, you would discover that in his body language and the way he takes special care in interviewing testers and pick ones that Moolya will benefit to change the world. He works as a Lead Exploratory Tester. We promoted him and then asked, well, just out of curiosity, how many years have you been testing? He said 3. We didn’t know that. We don’t care a lot on how many years people are testing but what matters are the skills, professionalism and Moolya values that matter.

Vipin is a role model to many in Moolya and those who have him as a role model will also grow up to become one. People like Vipin will do it and Moolya will facilitate. Vipin is a great example of using the platform we gave very well.  Join me in wishing Vipin the best for the coming year and maybe in 1 year from now, we will do interview using a 3 D Video iPad. We used the 2D iPad 2 this time.

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