1 year completion interview : Arthy Chandru : The bounce back

Many companies claim to be an “equal opportunity employer” on their website. However, they are not. They don’t welcome some classes of people. The women are the most affected by such employers. What I fail to get is how come they don’t understand women would need a break after a child’s birth and they need to be welcomed back. Saying that you have a gap of more than 2 years is #epicfail on their part.

The change does begin with us first. In Moolya we decided that we would welcome women who have had a break in their career. One such happened to be Arthy Chandru, who after her son’s birth had to take care of him till he could go to daycare. By the way, I would like to tell you that Moolya despite its open-minded hiring, is an unequal opportunity employer. We are unequal because we don’t hire those who clearly have no skills, no passion or are faking. I personally interviewed Arthy and asked her to share test ideas for a specific product and context. I decided to give her an opportunity in Moolya to try out if this works for both of us. I am glad it worked both sides and here we are on her 1-year completion interview.

Check out her experience in Moolya, so far and what she thinks about years to come-

PS: What have you done in Moolya and what has Moolya done to you?

AC: Giving this interview itself holds good to define what I have done in Moolya. Because it’s standards are way too higher than others.

What has Moolya done to you?

Your work should groom you professionally as well personally and Moolya has done it to me. Opened the new doors to testing space of which I was unaware. Changed my interest in testing to passion. Pushed me to some stuff which I thought I can never do. The Courage! Taught me the fighting spirit. It helped me to realize what I am and my capabilities. Trained me to Say No aloud and argue sensibly. Gave me a new environment where I can be myself without faking around.

PS: Considering this is not your first job and the first company you have worked with, how different is the Moolya experience?

I have worked in 2 companies prior to Moolya and never want to look them down as I am with Moolya now. Because of the experience that I earned from my previous employers I was able to adapt well in Moolya. So I duly respect my previous employers who laid down my initial foundations.

Okay, when it comes to Moolya, it is the company where people are considered as humans and not as “Resources”. For me, it’s more special as it respects and encourages people irrespective of their educational qualification, grades or age.

Not only in the film industry but also in IT industry women who have maternity break lose their charm and are not encouraged. Any research proved that women having a break have rusted brains??? Moolya is one of the very few companies that encourage women with a break. I am happy that I was the first woman to get into Moolya in this category and completed one year. I love your statement “Women with a break are not broken”. Thanks for backing me, Moolya!

No racing between the colleagues. The number of bugs are never counted but only the values we add for the customer is counted. Free movement inside the company. I can anytime open my CEO’s cabin and have a casual chat. Never compromises on values for monetary benefits.
PS: Describe in your words the value Moolya adds to its customers?

AC: A person had severe cough and went to a doctor. The doc took routine BP test, Weight check, gave him some cough syrup along with a heavy bill and moved on to next patient. Are you happy with such doctors? Again the same cough problem resurfaces. Now he goes to a new doctor.

This doctor asks him the past history, diagnoses to know the nature and causes of this cough. Senses some problem so genuinely directs him to further investigations. Finds out that it was because of the initial stage of lung cancer. Makes him to understand the seriousness and put him on medication. Constantly monitors till he recovers. Isn’t this the ideal nature of a doctor?

Moolya falls in the second category. We don’t do do the routine check up and try to choke the customers only with bugs. We deeply understand their business importance and help them to do much better . We remove the horse blinkers and find out all the possible ways to help our customers to add more business values through testing.

PS:  Tell us some funny, interesting, memorable experiences you have had in Moolya?

AC: So you want me to tell 365 different stories? I have listed few which are on the top of my list.

Funny and Interesting :

Colosseum one year celebration,
FNL and the DJ.
Secret Glads thread without Maximus.
Tea time chit chat.

Memorable :

All my one on one discussions with you.
James Bach workshop.
Your appreciation for “Q Key” experience report.
This interview

PS:  Do you want to talk about any specific colleague and how have they impacted you?

Each and every colleague is specific to me in some way. I take sole responsibility for my failures but my colleagues have fair part in helping me reach success. As a strong believer of team spirit I would like to tell few words about my colleagues.

Our Commander DS – Man of few words who never micro manages us. Gives full freedom and responsibility. Believes and strongly backs the team.

Pari – Guidance / Sunil – Inspiring / Ravi – Testing Dictionary / Sai – Friend indeed / Anil – Responsible / Vidisha – Strength / Abilash – Stressbuster / Mani – Innocense / Adil -Fearless / Nano-Cool / Sambu – Playful / Suhas – Confidence / Abhishek – Workaholic / Swathi – Postiveness / Pranitha – Humorous / Satyam – Quick leaner / Dheeraj – Good Teamplayer / Jagdish – Sincere / Shubham – Intellectual.

Rahul Verma – For showing the way to Moolya!

Also, grateful thanks to my life time Colleague -My Husband who supports, guides and also for being my punching bag during all my ups and downs. Without him this would have never been possible!

_ end of interview_

Arthy talked about the Q Key experience report for which I appreciated. Unfortunately, we can’t publish that outside of Moolya but I can tell you that she had done a great job and I was impressed with her writing. The only disappointment for me with Arthy is she doesn’t find time to write more. I just hope she would fix that 🙂

Congrats to you Arthy, I was excited to read your responses to this interview and it is great you mention that you take responsibilities of your failure but would attribute your success to your colleagues who helped you. This indicates how you would work with a team and that is a mark of true leader, just in case you didn’t know.

Continue to do well and let the 2nd year in Moolya bring you more power to do more.

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