From Being a Reluctant Tester to Getting Customer Appreciation- Nagashree Kumar

Nagashree Kumar - Senior SDET

“If I’m being honest, I didn’t like being placed as a Tester after being hired as a Developer in my first job. As only I had to move out of my comfort zone and shift to Hyderabad for the first time.

And after 8-9 months of training and certification that was the last thing I was expecting.

 But little did I know back then that I will eventually fall in love with Testing and a culture that embraces me as a Tester” 

Fate has its own way of working out and hence after gathering enough courage to leave her home and then consequently a toxic work environment, Nagashree Kumar shaped her own life and career.

And this is her story. 

“I badly wanted to come back home to Bangalore. I started applying for any testing job that was up for the grab. That led me to work for a startup for the first time. It was a new beginning for me. 

Strange as it sounds, I was the only tester working for that startup. I had to wear different hats and it was indeed a learning experience full of fun and challenges. 

But something inside of me kept stirring up and I wanted to challenge myself more and get involved in more serious projects. That’s when I heard about Moolya from a close friend” 

Nagashree looks up to her elder sister who’s like her second mother. She followed her sister on every step of life and career and that pursuit had eventually planted the seed of ambition deep within her. 

So despite having an offer from one of the biggest software companies in India, Nagashree chose Moolya to learn and grow with us. 

“I remember asking a lot of questions on the culture and the work environment during my interviews for Moolya. I was thrilled to know that Moolya is a solely testing company working for lots of clients. 

In Moolya also I took up on the challenge of working on a demanding project and ultimately received client appreciation. And what I love most here is the freedom and the ownership that comes with it

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