Making Impact through Moolya’s Social Channels- Pratyusha Saha

Pratyusha Saha - Social Media Manager

“Few years ago only a handful of people would actually believe that social media can be a legitimate career path. Now while the perception has changed a bit the reality is far from perfect” 

This time around we bring you the story of a storyteller. At the heart of our Storytelling Team is our Social Media Manager, Protyusha Saha

And this is her story. 

“Even though it sounds fun, managing social channels can be quite taxing. For instance, you’re expected to be constantly online. The netizens never sleep and so sometimes it becomes a 24X7 job. Scrolling through social spaces, checking trends, and sharing ideas” 

Protyusha herself is quite active on her personal social media accounts. But her work as a social media professional did take a toll on her mental health in the past. 

“I used to feel real burn-outs at work. There was a point in my career I was considering a career change. That’s mostly because I used to feel exhausted every day. 

Despite loving social media so much, I actually started to hate it back then. Even when it came to my personal accounts” 

We’re all aware of the toxic impact of social media on our mental wellbeing. But for a social media manager, striking that balance becomes pivotal. 

“After joining Moolya’s Storytelling Team I regained my confidence of continuing on the same career path. Having an organized team behind you always helps. I have a defined amount of work to do. Also instead of stressing myself I get to focus on the strategic part of things and crunch some numbers while meeting targets. 

It gives me additional energy and motivation to work. Moreover, my lifestyle has also improved. I don’t need to worry anymore before planning a holiday. I know my team is there to support me” 

Over the past year and a half Protyusha has made some real impact when it comes to the social media platforms of Moolya. The reach and engagement have spiked, thanks to her amazing ideas. 

“Now when I look back I realize that my work as a social media professional has not changed. It’s the people around me who are more supportive and friendly. Ultimately it’s the culture which determines whether you’re loving your job or not. And here, I can say, that I really am

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