Athira V L


“Leaving my newborn in the hands of a stranger or putting her in a daycare, at such a tender age, was something I was definitely not up for. My maternity leave ended when Saesha was only 3 months old. I decided to resign from my previous employment and become a full-time mum”

Athira’s (tag Athira VL)  story is something working mothers can relate to. It’s a crossroad that perhaps many working mums face. But this tale has a positive twist. 

“My professional life was a big question mark. But still I wanted to try. I kept searching for the perfect organisation which would accept me as a working-mother and Moolya is just that place. In fact, it is more than just that. I knew it straight away when Pradeep asked me to bring Saesha during the virtual induction call. I felt Moolya was the place to be as a working mother. Now it has become like my second family and all of my team members accommodate my crazy schedule.

As a trained classical singer who has participated in live events in the past, Athira has to alter her genre of music too. 

“Now all I sing is nursery rhymes. It has come to a point that I can sing them, even while I am asleep. Motherhood has totally changed my YouTube playlist. But to be honest, playing and singing with her is the most precious time of my day. So I cannot really complain about how my professional and personal lives are going currently”

Athira V L, a  passionate classical singer, a loving-mum, a Moolyan.

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