Parimala joins Moolya

Yes, the Parimala Shankaraiah you know is joining Moolya today as our Test Manager. We are very excited to welcome her and look forward to working with her. We have worked with her in different capacities in the past and we know it adds to our inspiration to have such a person work with us.

Parimala is a great and an important woman leader in testing for India and some may agree for the world as well.

She has been in testing for over 8 years now and previously worked with organizations like McAfee & Consona Corporation. She has also been the co-founder of Weekend Testing and is a super active participant at testing events and conferences in and around Bangalore.

She writes a blog titled curioustester and that’s a favourite of many other bloggers, too. She has published articles in several magazines and has been interviewed for a few others. Through her writing and testing skills, she has been appreciated by testers worldwide. She is an avid book reader.

Parimala being the first woman hire in Moolya would help in bringing the other side of the thought process that men like us would have never got into. This adds so much of strength to us that we are feeling that we are going to get a hundred times better today after Parimala joins.

At Moolya, Parimala would manage testing projects for our customers and also help Moolya in a lot of other activities we are attempting.

With people like Parimala, Dhanasekar and Santhosh Tuppad to lead testing efforts, people like Sunilkumar and Sreenuraj who are sharp hunters, Moolya is looking heavenly poised to do well for its customers. Bring on and we will show how well things could be tested.

By next year, you will see the most impressive line up of testers from India belonging to Moolya and helping our customers move faster in their business. That’s our dream and we will get there.

Celebration time at Moolya! See ya all folks.

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