The last big thing in software testing has emerged

We are happy to share with you our new product that is a single solution to all testing problems. We know this is unbelievable but we can’t help. Without further ado, here is our research output of 20 years.

Moolya’s Super Glue

Moolya’s Super Glue is 100 times faster in finding bugs than 100 testing experts put together. Now beat that!

How does Moolya’s Super Glue work?

Simple, you just open the software and the screen you want to test and apply our glue on the display panel and allow it to dry for 2 minutes. After it appears to be dry, peel out the layer formed on your screen. While it is being peeled, all bugs stick to our glue and is easy to pull out. You are done. Seriously!

History of Moolya’s Super Glue

Moolya’s Super Glue research started July 15th, 1991 with the team of top checkers of the world funded by Huelet Pack-card and I Be Yem. The pilot results of the research were highly encouraging.  About 2001 I Be Yem and Huelet Packcard had completed developing their own software based super glue Cue Tea Pee and Rashonal. They feared the physical software super glue research they were funding would interfere with the sales of Cue Tea Pee and Rashonal and stopped funding the project. The project was abandoned with the Intellectual Property lying between I Be Yem and Huelet Pack-card.

After Moolya was founded in 2010, we purchased the Intellectual Property for one hundredth the cost of Cue Tea Pee and continued the research on it. The top brass of I Be Yem and Huelet Pack-card were giggling at us when we bought over the IP.

It was sad to see that I Be Yem and Huelet Pack-card had stopped funding the project at the last moment of the research but it was a boon for us. We completed it quickly. We went through the checklist of items pending to complete the research work. The only thing pending as a part of the research was to write a blog post and announce the availability of it to the world. You know, we are very good at that blog post stuff. So, that’s the history.

Features of Moolya’s Super Glue

  • OS independent: You need not fear if Google is coming up with a new version of Operating System. This just works on all platforms.
  • No setup time required: If you have the glue in your hand and the software in front of you, that’s it. No other setup needed.
  • No training needed: You don’t need to invest on training your staff or get them certified to use it unlike Cue Tea Pee and Rashonal.
  • No Rashes No Tea: We have heard testers complaining of Rashes and having to drink Tea when they actually wanted Coffee. Your testers are safe with our super glue. As a side note: You dont need testers to test anymore.
  • Inexpensive: We are aware that to buy one license of Cue Tea Pee, you may have had to cut down all your testers salary. Now, you don’t need to touch the already low testers salary in your organization.
  • Lead & CFC Free: We care for the environment as much as you do. So, we made our super glue lead and CFC free.
  • No Gloves Required: This product doesn’t require any gloves to be put on to handle it. It sticks only with bugs and not the testers dirty hands.
  • Approved by ISTQB: The International Software Tester Qualitykilling Board which has superior testers in its side has approved this product for sale all over the world. They certify that this wont damage any tester as much as their certifications do.


“Moolya’s Super Glue does wonders. We applied it to a screen developed by one of our developers and the entire screen was wiped out and we got a Blue Screen of Death. We discovered that he was such a bad developer and fired him right away. Thank you Moolya Super Glue”

– Dull Fates, MyCrowSaft

“I think I should buy Moolya and sell this product as iGel. Its the coolest thing not produced by my company”

– Steal Jogs, App pull

“We applied Moolya Super Glue to our flagship product and it removed all bugs. Now our customers are happy to use our product. The only complain they have is they keep raising red flags on privacy issues but that’s nothing to do with the glue. Its a part of the plan.”

– Mach Soccerberg, Phasecrook

“We wish we had known about Moolya Super Glue an year ago, we would have waved a good bye to one of our product before it was launched. We had to wave a good bye after its launch”

– Sorry Stage, Co-Founder, Goofull

“This is an earth shattering product. We were billing our customers based on head count of the project and they were getting back to us asking – does the head contain brains?. We don’t need to answer that question anymore. We are now billing our customers based on hand count (for applying Moolya Super Glue to the display panel)”

– Chief Minister, Sinfosis

“We believed that heuristics can also fail. This one doesn’t. We stand corrected. Thumbs up to Moolya Super Glue. We are going to stop teaching testers and apply for franchisee to sell the Glue in the States and Canada”

– Gems Back & Mikehell Bold Ton

“I wrote 30 books on how to test software without knowing about the Super Glue research. I should have joined the research and wrote a manual of how to use this glue. It would have been more useful than all of my 30 books put together”

– Jari Wine Berg

“I was earning peanuts when I was working as a tester, real peanuts. Moolya Super Glue got me out of my job and I am a millionaire since I own a franchise to sell Moolya Super Glue in Japan”

– Ten Kill Hee

and thousands more.

So, what are you looking for? Just go buy Moolya Super Glue!


5 mins after this post was published: We are overbooked. Our next stocks and sales open after 2050 AD. Meanwhile, you can check out Moolya’s services page or write to us for some non super glue service offerings.

Image design credits: Shristi Printers, Bangalore

Note: We test better than how we write our blog posts.  Super Glue free for our first 50 customers 😉

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