Madhuri N

“I remember it was exactly 11: 45 am on October 3rd 2019 when my doctor told me that I have a happy and healthy baby. My entire world has changed since then.” 

Madhuri, the mother of 20 months old Naman, shares her life-changing journey with us. Initially having worked in the Medidata US and the Sun Nxt teams Madhuri has now rejoined Moolya as an Exploratory Tester. 

But it was not a walk in the park for her. She had to take her maternity leave early due to some medical complications. The emotional toll was unimaginable as Madhuri thanked Chandini Mokhtar, for being by her side during those dark times. 

“During the initial phase I did miss my workmates from Moolya and the vibe of the office in general. But I am lucky since I am a Moolyan and here I’ve made some friends for life”

Currently Madhuri is having her hands full as Naman keeps her busy throughout the day and now she’s a working mother, doing two of the things she loves the most – being with Moolya and being there for Naman.

“Each morning, after getting up he pulls my work desk and asks me for my laptop. He assumes that I’m playing with my laptop and not actually working”

Madhuri started her career as an intern in Moolya after being selected amongst 900 applicants and now again she has joined back to continue the saga. Her life-long connection with Moolya has truly inspired us.

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