What do experienced testers have to say to a brand new tester?

As testers, there is a lot of chaos happening in our minds. But, not more than the time we started our career in software testing.

A wise man once said, “We always learn from our experiences.”

These experiences help us learn to make a product better, help us learn to connect with people, be able to understand them and help them solve a problem. And, this learning never stops.

Honestly, as testers, we are all learners. We learn from anyone who demonstrates the real value throughout the journey. And we pass these values to anyone new to software testing. That’s how we grow strong as an industry, making the globe a better place.

We had an open question about what would we say to a fresher tester, and the responses were something worth cheering for and giving an ovation.

We have picked up a few loved ones for you. Have a read below-

Good Testing is an art. It was and will be.

Anand Iyer advises a new tester to build on his/her intuition. He sheds light on how one’s intuitive powers can make science several times more effective. He terms good testing as an “art”. Read more.

Learn to see things from the user’s perspective

Bill Kamps points out the mistakes that a good tester can figure out provided one starts to see things from a user’s viewpoint. He tells too many tests are ambiguous. Read more.

Adopt a chef’s mindset

Jyotiprakash Bhuian shares a story of how he helped a fresher understand the basics. He chose a simple way to demonstrate how the good chef’s mindset acknowledges that no matter what dish you’re in, success is always about quality. You might love this comment.

Learn the traits

Syed Azarudin takes us through a few traits that help testers grow better in the industry. Read more

Skills that make you a top-notch tester

Sangitha Maiti tells how being an observant and developing a great mindset adds to the requirements of being a top-notch tester. Click here to read how.

Mistakes are okay. Repeating them – not okay

Srinivas Kadiyala passes on his learning to the next generation. This short and succinct comment made the day for a lot of testers. Go deeper.

And, before we end…

Pradeep Soundararajan never fails to amaze us with his perspectives. Click here to read more.

We all know how crucial testers are to a business. And the best way to grow as a better one is by learning.

So, keep learning, keep adding value and keep smiling always.

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