A case study on how Keysight got a new robust test framework in place, scaled the production, and conquered new heights.

About Keysight Technologies

Keysight Technologies is an American company which provides electronic measurement solutions for communications and electronics industries.
As Keysight was looking to scale up, they wanted to ensure quality deliverables consistently. Before Moolya came into the picture, the team only focussed on functional testing and there was no test automation in place, hence, testing was very time-consuming.
Keysight realized they needed experts to set up testing automation to ensure faster and quality releases.


The biggest challenge we faced was the lack of proper testing documentation and process. 
There were 2400 test steps, not test cases which we had to automate, there were no test scenarios.
Regression tests were taking longer than usual which was resulting in a delay in new releases.

Moolya’s Approach

We sat down with the Keysight team to formulate a testing plan and a test strategy. We also brainstormed what modules to pick for automation.
We planned the tools (Java and Selenium) to be used, on what browsers we need to run the tests, and prioritized Chrome browser first.
We learned the test cases, module-wise with the help of Keysight’s functional testers and started preparing test cases. These steps helped us to automate around 150 test cases within a span of six months and maintain a timely release cycle.
We set up a virtual machine to run the developed tests remotely with the help of the devops team. 
We built the automation framework for cross-browser testing along with parallel testing to reduce test time further.


Product, Tech and Business stakeholders were very happy with the value Moolya was able to add in this partnership through a mix of their technical know-how, deep thinking skills, and commitment. 
Moolya opened doors for Keysight by — 
  • Implementing with Agile methodology
  • Ensuring early visibility of potential bugs
  • Identifying critical issues and gaps at the earliest by having regular brainstorming sessions with all the stakeholders.
  • Enabling smoother releases after starting a peer development team, that consists of both developers and testers; everyone now works towards a single goal.
  • Readable reports that were published after running the tests across different environments.
Keysight, now with a new robust test framework in place, started scaling their production and reaching new heights. Seeing this new beginning, Keysight extended multiple projects to Moolya and we continue on our visionary journey to a better software for all.
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