Biggest Challenges in Testing for Startups


Building a product demands a lot of hard work. No matter, however, small the product is.

When startups come up with ideas to making life easier for the world, they need to make sure that it gives the optimum output without making things complex for its users.

Well, no one likes to use a product which is not helping its users move forward. And, in a world where reviews and ratings decide the fate of your startup, it is crucial to building that trust with your consumers.

The trust – that helps your startup grow – increases with how well your product fits in the world of competitors.

One of the many ways to build that trust is testing your product before putting it on the plate. Yet, testing comes with many challenges, especially in early-stage startups. How do you solve them?

We asked our friends from the community about one of the biggest challenges a tester might encounter when it comes to testing in startups?. And, if you are a business owner, who takes growth seriously, this article is a must-read.

Unstable Environment

Sarah H pens down a crucial challenge most organisations encounter while testing. She highlights how an unstable environment can make regression testing almost impossible. Read more

testing for startups

Missing out on anything that Matters

Taking a dig not only in startups but mid-level organisations too, Vivek Chakravarti states that most of them don’t value Exploratory Testing. On the contrary, they depend entirely on test case execution results. Read why

exploratory testing

Good Testing takes Time

It is indeed arduous to estimate the time required for testing. Sumit Das and Shashank Jain struggle to make the team understand the relation between Time and Quality of a product. Read more

functional testing

‘Quality is directly proportional to time!’

quality in testing for startups

Bringing up a Dedicated team for Testing

A good team of Testers helps you find more bugs, write test automation and most importantly, keep talking to customers and understand what they are doing with the product. However, one should wait for the right time to hire such teams. Anvity Shreya shares her perspective here.

testing for startups

Less Consideration for Testing

From the budget to getting to afford a dedicated team, Syed Azarudin lists down some real pain points for testers in a startup. Read here.

challenges in testing for startups

In conclusion, there are many challenges in testing for startups. Testing is a challenging craft. Moolya takes pride in understanding the real challenges and has been working on overcoming them. And helping businesses grow.

Being a startup, if you feel you need someone to understand your business and help solve real problems, then maybe we should talk. Schedule a meeting here

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