My Training Experience in Moolya

It has been almost 3 months since I( Himansha Tyagi) joined Moolya as a trainee. I wish to share wonderful expedition of my training to the world on my experience with Moolya. Moolya completely manifests its demeanour from its name itself. Moolya which means value and here every employee exhibits the same in their conduct. And from the day one, I am also learning the importance of values in every walk of life.

So there were few people who joined with me as trainees on 8th Feb who were completely unknown to each other. We were from different states and different cultures.In beginning it was really tough for me to get along with everyone. But then we all were provided with an amiable and strategic trainer who managed all these things. Susmitha (our coordinator, friend, philosopher and guide) forcefully made us sit along with other trainees so that we could mingle with everyone. And just after a week, we were more of like college buddies and we started interacting and worked as a team.

With all the zeal, we started learning about software testing. In the first week, many Senior Testers, who excel in the field of testing, took sessions on Software Testing. They were also sharing their experience that they have come up with different testing challenges. Later we learned about Exploratory testing approach, different tools used for analysing and getting data, writing bug reports and finally we were all set to test mobile applications.

Being newbies we tried our hands on testing 200 apps and with the help of our mentors we completed the task successfully. Not just only on technical aspect, we were also groomed in different interpersonal skills like communication, confidence, overcoming stage fear etc. with the help of videos and conducting sessions.

I feel our workplace is more of like our family and here we are always given a chance to interact with our colleagues, be it with a trainee or from Management. Apart from work we also enjoyed and celebrated events like Women’s day and Holi, weekend celebrations. Now most of us are curious to take part in upcoming event MITC(Moolya internal testing conference).

By this we not only imbibe technical knowledge whenever required, but also it inculcates the value of team-work and togetherness in us. So at the end I will summon up by adding that Moolya is an exemplary place for me to start my career and brings out the cool tester in me.

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