MITC- A Splendid Avenue to Oratory by Himansha Tyagi

Being a tenderfoot in the field of testing and with the fear of facing techies, I submitted a paper for MITC (Moolya Internal Testing Conference) presentation and got selected too. The conference was on 30th of April. That day,I woke up reminiscing about my school days where I used to take part in competitions like debate,elocution and would get goosebumps in facing the crowd. But, then to keep myself motivated, I remembered how every time I came out of them with flying colours. So, leaving my thoughts aside, I got ready and put myself together to give the presentation.


As I was enormously helped by one of my seniors (Pradeep Lingan) in the office, I was completely prepared on my topic which was IOT(Internet of things). But, apart from all the help, it was my turn to go the extra mile so as to speak well in front of the gathering. For a person like me who was just off the boat, giving a presentation in front of experts was not a cakewalk.

I was extremely anxious. As I reached the venue to my astonishment, everybody was in buoyant mood and were being so supportive towards the speakers. In nervousness, I sat there like a poor lamb who was scared of the people sitting around. Some of the seniors who presented before my turn were simply flawless. Learning from them to be more confident and serene on stage, I kept myself ignited for my turn.

After sometime my turn came and I was only focused on how I can be more interactive and diverse while I present my topic. So, I planned to add a tinge of humour to my presentation.I started with the talk timorously. Somehow I overpowered my distress of forgetting the topic. I was pleased that everybody was attentive to my presentation, as I saw people giving me encouraging smiles and nods. And standing there and speaking became enjoyable after few minutes. Those minutes passed like a fraction of second and finally I finished my talk.

MITC was a glorious platform for us to grow.Especially for freshers like me who are quite naive in this industry. It was a good exposure for me where I came across many revelations about technologies used by the seniors. And it boosted my confidence to speak out at any new stage. So, I am looking forward for more opportunities like this in the future. I realized giving a presentation(anywhere) in a better way is an art. I felt I am blessed in identifying that skill in me. I am thankful to my organisation for providing such a platform to share my knowledge with my peers.

And so my journey begins not just as a software tester but as a speaker and a blogger too.


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