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Automating the Software testing of a large product comprising of many small features and sub-products is a journey full of diverse challenges. Reporting has always been one such challenge for everyone.

  • Here are some sample reports:

a. TestNg Report

b. XSLT Report Overview

c. XSLT Report Detailed

d. Maven Report

  • TestNG, Ant, Maven reports would not serve our needs entirely, as they are limited to the scripts or individual suite which we execute currently.
  • What happens if our business heads need information on the entire product containing hundreds of scripts and multiple(N) suites? For them, the current suite result information is of no use while making decisions. They require information on entire automation results rather than individual suite reports.
  • They need a quick way of making decisions, such as looking at pie-charts of the results of hundreds of scripts.

The Challenge:

We needed a reporting solution which could report everything automatically once test suites are executed and display the information on a dashboard.

The Solution:

We made our own ‘Test Automation Dashboard’ tool which solves the following two problems for our customers:

1. Retains ‘Test Execution History’ for all suites.

a. View results by date.

b. View results by period.

2. Reflects ‘Test Execution Results’ on a real-time basis for each suite.

Hence, allowing our business heads to view information on a real-time basis instead of waiting for 3-4 hours until all suites are executed.

One of our clients had 4 TV’s attached to a wall. One of those TV’s reflects real-time Test Automation Results for each test suite. These help everyone observe whether things are being executed smoothly or not and take appropriate action.


Feature 1a:  View results by date

Feature 1b: View results by period

Feature 2: Reflects ‘Test Execution Results’ on a real-time basis for each suites

How this benefits our readers?

We are making this tool open source for the testing community and it is licensed under MIT

Git-hub link to the code repository: Test Automation Dashboard

Direct Download Link: TestAutomationDashboardv1.0.war

How to work with this tool: Readme.md

Tool Creators:

Contributors for building this tool: Yagnesh ShahNeeraj Lad, Adil Imroz

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