Moolya and Logicshore to work together to facilitate women safety

At a time when the safety and dignity of women in India are debated fiercely, Moolya and Logicshore align to give women what they really need: security.

Moolya, the Bengaluru-based software testing solutions provider, is set to enter into a strategic partnership with Logicshore, the Bengaluru-based company that offers web and mobile consulting and development services. Moolya sees this move as a natural synergy with the mobile app testing and development arena of Logicshore.

Logicshore has most recently been hailed for its Abhayam app. This is an emergency and crime-reporting app that was launched this January for the Andhra Pradesh region in coordination with the state government to provide better emergency response system. This free-to-use app has been received favorably by citizens and officials alike.

Abhayam features a range of safety mechanisms that will aid women to reach help during emergencies within a very short time frame. Registering and downloading the app will prompt the user to have a list of benefactors that would likely include family members and friends who could be reached in case of emergencies.

One of the key features of the app is a panic button to send an SOS message to the listed contacts and authorities. In Andhra Pradesh, this alert message is received by the police central command station, which, in turn, can alert the nearest police station and the patrol vehicles. In a hypothetical situation, when the user would be unable to speak, the location can still be tracked down with the help of GPRS and crowdsourcing technologies.

There is an additional stealth button that allows users to press the phone’s power button a specific number of times which would have the same effect of pushing the panic button. This app can work on both smart and basic phones.

Abhayam, however, is not just only an extreme emergency tool; it also aims to facilitate better and effective communication between the police authorities and citizens. One such feature is the iReport, which allows users to be proactive and report suspicious activity either through video, audio, photos or even a text message. The users have the option to provide this information to the police anonymously.

This will help create a situation of alertness and enable authorities to be in touch with on-ground problems in real-time. Since the iReport allows anybody with a phone to record events and provide crucial evidence in a criminal situation, in effect, it is enabling to form a safety net in the community where citizens watch out for one another.

Are you en route to a place that seems dangerous? Use the safe button to find a number of safe public places to go to. Or, you can choose the travel tracker feature in which the user voluntarily allows to be tracked by benefactors.

While police authorities consider Abhayam to enable them to reach a distress call faster than they did earlier, in the long run, it also aims to monitor response times and identify incident patterns for predictive management of the emerging workforce.

Moolya is proud to partner with Abhayam which provides a wonderful opportunity to help work towards ensuring safer public spaces.  Moolya is eager to take the strategic partnership with Logicshore forward through working jointly on industry-disrupting solutions within the mobile and web space.

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