App-ratings, the stars you need to shine

 App-ratings, the stars you need to shine

App ratings can mean a do or die thing for businesses. Getting some fundamental testing solutions right can be a way to up the mobile app rating and keep the usage going

The phenomenon of mobile apps has drastically changed what companies thought about the service. There is an emergence of a consumer base that is comfortable with smartphones and apps even before they can read well enough. So when companies release their app they are like a nervous nail-biting chef, who is watching the reviewer taste the food and hold ransom the future of their restaurant.

Except here, the app has multiple reviewers, essentially, every user.  The app mode is a land of plenty and the chance to thrive is determined largely by how well your ratings are. And, that is proportional to the chances of showing up on the top of the search result and hence higher the likelihood of downloads and usage. Studies show that top apps across all categories have at least 4-star ratings and ratings that go up by even a half a star increases the chances of usage multifold.

Test the bugger

Understandably every business is eager to dive in through mobile apps and reap benefits. While being present in the marketplace is vital, so is ensuring that your app is completely user ready before you launch. The approach for testing mobile apps is different from the regular QA lab. Testing for bugs while keeping in mind the user experience and the user interface is what matters more.

The star rating way is a quick method for a customer to give feedback; a half star could mean that the user could not even download it right. It is then time for mobile app testing to be in the shoes and devices of consumers. Where do you expect your app to be used the most? On the move? Across which platforms, iOS or android? Are you sure that your app will be effective even when the connectivity is far from desirable?

Ensuring that companies have the definite answer to such questions can ensure that your ratings and search results remain high. In short, testing has to be done with all aspects of your user in mind, even the most unusual user. The simple logic being if you know all ways your product can fail, then you can make it as user friendly as possible and earn higher revenues.

Engaging the consumer    

So you have done your research for a desirable app. You have gone lengths to test it for all users and technologies. What is needed once your app is out there? Engage with your customers and let the feedback flow. The app industry is coming of consensus that leaving the fate of an app entirely on a rating system may not be the best way to go. Interacting with the end-user and keeping reviews and constructive criticism in mind is vital too.

Companies are experimenting with ways they can engage with the consumer. A balanced approach that allows for multiple points for user response is needed. Customers certainly do not enjoy a pesky company asking for feedback or rating the minute they download the app. Instead, allow for a period of time that a user has to experience all facets of an app. Using such feedback and constructive reviews would help app makers to reposition to market demand and likely lead to higher ratings.

If you are a company that is looking to launch its app or to better your app performance contact us. We would happy to help you APProach this the right way.

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