Women’s Day Celebration

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We celebrated Men’s day at our office on March 8th 2016 and it was so much fun. I wish to share my own experience of how the celebration was on a special day.

Well, you might be laughing or be confused by this time after reading my first sentence because I have mentioned it as Men’s day. I wish to call it Men’s day to show my gratitude for our Heroes of Moolya. The guys, in honor of all the girls, organized a special event on this special day.  Just not because Moolya guys did something special for us on a particular day, they really deserve my gratitude for every day we spend at Moolya. Having said all about this special Men’s day, remember we in Moolya see all days as Women / Men’s day (Happy days).

We wish each other by saying Good morning, Good afternoon, believing that day would certainly turn good for everybody. However, for us, in most cases it works in terms of sharing our knowledge, working in a team, exploring new ideas, fun, etc. Therefore, we see every day as happy days. Women employees love to extend their journey in Moolya because of the respect and comfort we get among every Moolyans.  It is also the best place for us to bring out the cool tester in us. I do not want to speak more about the Moolyan culture here. Just experience it 🙂

To start the day, girl-power of Moolya was presented with a beautiful flower followed by chocolates. The cherry on the cake is extra care and respect from all. Now what else a girl needs other than care and respect? In Moolya there is no special day that needs anyone to walk up and dance or do any fun act around/play music. Every day is special. However, for a better setup on for a special day, we had a celebration at the basement party hall.

Yummmm cakes were waiting for us. Sorry, no mercy is shown. We all just had a fight like kids and in no time cakes were gone. I bet if someone could have believed that there was a big cake on that table few minutes ago. So cakes did celebrate Women’s day too!!! However, it does not seem that Heroes were silently watching us. When I say no mercy, it applies to both sides.

Moolya was/is always known for the enthusiastic set of people (criteria for hiring too). Enthusiasts are not just people who slag all day working hard, work overtime and say no to the fun. Ohooo we see that you are in our journey and happy to see that you are lost the way by imagining yourselves in our place. So bringing you back…

We had pretty yum snacks. Well, snacks are common. What next? Singing from passionate singers  Wowwww that too dedicated to Women 😛 What about Group Dance?? Yes, you heard it right! Boys came up with a nice dance show that not only entertained us but we died almost laughing because they made the show very lively, comic and enjoyable. Solo dance by our very charming HR Manager was awesome. How about a random comedy show? Teek woh bhi tha! Games were organized that added so much fun in an already fun-filled environment.

So people (I am writing this in excitement so don’t mind the typo 🙂  we had so much fun that day, and adding it the list will grow coming year Cheers!

Here are our Super Coooool Warriors.

Author: Vani Vinay

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