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The Moolya Way

Moolya is a name today that resonates with the top product and tech leaders of today. Some very celebrated fast growth deep tech companies have partnered with Moolya to take their business grow smooth and fast.

What we do? You may ask. It is not about what we do. It is about how we do it that differentiates us. Everyone builds automation but we help build the culture of quality and as a side effect we do plenty of automation too. However, we believe it is people and how they think and work together that creates quality. So we help build great teams that move the needle.

What builds quality in your org?

Quality is only possible when leaders build a culture of quality. Our job when we work with you is to help you build that culture into your product and engineering teams. Yes, we do test and automate. However, merely testing and automation won't solve your problems.

Time To Get it Right

We have failed big. We have unlearnt. We also have succeeded big. We short circuit plenty of years for you by getting you straight to the point you need to act on. Great teams don't have time for experiments. We understand the product vision, tech vision and customer persona to arrive at tests that help us find answer to the most important questions you are looking to answer.

Breathing through customer's nose

No way we can achieve anything by trying to an external enetity. We become your team and we live your life. If we have to breathe through your customer's nose (which is what you do), we have to be a part of you. Our existing customers clearly see a quantum difference in the way we operate as compared to others and choose us every single time. No competition.

The Hiring Engine

Companies succeed or fail based on their hiring. Take the best companies in the world - they are the best because of their hiring. We have become that over years. We pick some very good bright people and someone who helps build the culture. And we do it at a fast pace. Since we have this holistic view, we have done really well for our customers.

Product + Tech Savvy Testing

Our teams look at your product as a product and not as just an app. The product, the problem it solves for customers and the experience. That makes the difference. Equally, we bring in deep tech components in testing to accelerate testing and provide early feedback. We did this so well, PO's and CTO's love us.

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Solved through a passion for testing

A Moolyan stands out in a crowd of testers because of her relentless pursuit to learn more about software testing every single day. A pinch of passion that never goes out of style.


We understand the world of testing. We understand the journey of a business. Having worked with most of the unicorns in Moolya, growing them and having grown with many, Moolya has the understanding of how you start, where you go and how you go in your journey of product quality. Moolya understands the Processes, People, Tools, Mentors, Training needed, Business & Tech needs to help you to our best of abilities.


Moolya did not start as a business, it started as a space for good testing in India. Moolya has continuously been in the testing space trying to influence the way testing should be done, trying to help other companies understand testing. This enthusiasm towards testing seeps through from Moolya management to the testers on the ground and thus impacts the product and the teams working with us.


We love your product the way you do. We stay with you from start and run through the journey. We take ownership of the test processes and be as involved as any other stakeholder in the team & at times even more. As testers, it is our responsibility to bring all potential potholes to light as early as possible. This helps teams with enough time space to make decisions that finally help save Time, Effort, and Money.

Myntra Trusts Moolya to Increase Coverage and Build Quality

Myntra is an example of rapid growth. From start-up to unicorn. Having such a pace means building automated tests from the very early stage of development. But having chocked with backlog, see how we eased their engineering team to rely on automation with Moolya.

How Onsitego leverages Moolya Power to ensure smoother releases

OnSiteGo is a fast growing business that sales protection and extended warranty plan for small and medium-size electronics gadgets. They needed a trusted testing partner who could own the quality deliverables and achieve smoother and quality releases.


How growing businesses solve their testing problems

Testing done right delivers value that helps businesses grow fast. Moolya’s mission has always been helping businesses grow by not compromising on quality - and with that, grows Moolya. We do not settle with mediocrity. Moolyans are a bunch of outliers passionate about the craft of testing. We only work with companies that understand a tester’s worth and need them to do more than simply fill up a chair at their company and write Test Cases.

Let us help you solve complex problems!