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You’re gonna love it here.

But first, who is Moolya for?

Read further only and only if these resonate with you in your professional life.

Being a Learning Machine. High Standards.
Staying Scrappy. Customer Centric.
Practicing Extreme Ownership. Value Hungry.


Promoting Passion for Testing.

At Moolya, you don’t ever ask for permission to do something good. We are building a culture where testers support each other to grow while having fun mastering their craft.

We promote original - lateral thinking and inspire our people to be leaders in the testing space, not just leads by designations. These brews innovation in our labs where our testers come together to build a suite of utilities to give shape to their craft and perform tasks that guarantees value in the projects they contribute.

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Benefits & Perks

This is Important, read carefully.
Money wise we do match and go beyond market standards. But money is not why you should join us.
There are companies that can pay you more than what we can. But there are so many other things which the outside world cannot provide. You need to join us,

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Home of Testing

So, you can be a part of the Home of Testing in India

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So, you can be empowered at work

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So, you can work with some of the best Testing minds in the country and outside

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So, you can work with some of the biggest brands in India and outside

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Fun @Work

So, you have to no longer differentiate between Fun and Work

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So, you dont start looking for building career more often

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Life at Moolya

A culture built on empowering people.

In Moolya, teams are encouraged to take calls and deliver in an autonomous manner. We concentrate on providing people with the tools they need to deliver and then let them take it from there. Moolya is a place where you can look forward to being free, to being responsible for your actions.

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