How we care about tester’s freedom

*RoC: Representative of Customer

RoC: So, you are a startup.

Moolya: Yes, we are.

RoC: We were looking for testers on contract who could help us test our product.

Moolya: We are glad you approached us for testing help. We exist to solve such problems.

RoC: I would need the testers to sign a bond with us for 2 years, surrender their school and college diploma and certificates.

Moolya: May we request you to explain why it’s needed?

RoC: What if they quit in between?

Moolya: We are interested to know what problem does signing a bond solves?

RoC: They can’t quit in between and go.

Moolya: Would you need them beyond 2 years?

RoC: Yes, we hope they stay with us for longer than 2 years.

Moolya: OK, so, what have been people usually doing in your company after the bond period is over?

RoC: Most of them search for jobs and move away.

Moolya: OK, so, this kind of bonding isn’t helping them stay beyond 2 years.

RoC: At least, they stay for 2 years with the bond.

Moolya: Hey, we want to be of value to you. Our company emphasizes personal freedom for testers and we won’t bond them by asking them to sign a bond, surrender their certificates and all that. Testers we hire are bonded in a different way, they love working with us, love interacting with their colleagues who help each other grow smart. No strings attached.

RoC: We are not sure if we can engage you then.

Moolya: Sir, we are really worried about the value you may get out of bonding testers for a 2 year period.

RoC: No worries, we will take care of that.

Moolya: Agreed. Only you know what works for you.

RoC: So, you don’t want this business.

Moolya: We want this business more than anyone else but not by the way of constraining testers freedom.

RoC:  Look, we like you folks and that’s why we wanted to talk to you. There is nothing wrong in bonding people. Even Wipro does that for freshers.

Moolya: We are sorry. We just chose not to do that.

RoC: OK, Good luck.

Moolya: Thank you. Wishing you good times ahead.

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