We’re driven by the idea that the best work is born when we work together with diligence, craftsmanship and fun

The origin of the name Moolya

Moolya, in Hindi, means value.

We started off in late 2010, and from the time of our inception, we have strongly believed in staying true to the word Moolya. In all our actions, we look at adding value to people — be it in the form of our customers, employees, followers, partners — and that fundamentally has shaped what people today fondly call - The Moolya Way.

For anyone who joins Moolya, besides their testing genius — we believe in their strength of character to be inherent leaders, stay true to our values, and empower more people as they grow.

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Servant Leaders

A vibrant mix of thought leaders in the testing space, tech ninjas, tool developers and entrepreneurs.

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Pradeep Soundararajan


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Avinash Nishant


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Dhanasekhar S

Director of Test Solution

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Chandini Mokhtar

Head of People and Culture

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Vaisakh VL

Head of Sales

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Prantik Barua

Head of Marketing

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Abilash Hari

Product Owner

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Amit vyas

Head of Fulfillment

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Kavitha Paramesh

Senior partner TSMT

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Subinder Khurana

Founder NASSCOM Deep Tech Club

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Julian Harty

Director Upgrade Digital

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Pradeep Soundararajan

Managing Director

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Avinash Nishant

Wholetime Director

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Sriram Tadimalla

Founding Partner at TSMT

What we value

Our shared values keep us together as a team. They guide how we interact with each other, but also how we approach things.

Do the right thing

The decisions we make are guided by a moral compass and we hold ourselves accountable for our actions. We believe in doing what is right, and that’s a value we hold true even when we work with others.

Act with respect

Moolyans are a melting pot of many different cultures and we have customers all over the world. We don’t get biased with our opinions and prefer stay mindful of each other’s perspectives.

Keep it simple

We do not believe in complicating things that don’t really need complications. We keep things simple for us to spend our time and brainpower on things that matter. Fun is in the bucket of things that matter.

Keep learning

The more we learn, the better decisions we will make, and the more successful we will be. Learning is a lifetime mindset and a way of life. And we celebrate success, but also embrace failure.

Interested to join our team?