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Moolya has 200+ stories to share of how it supported hungry enterprises and start-ups to scale fast with their tech and product.

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Continuous Trust by forward-thinking teams around the world

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What we love to do

Testing that solves real problems

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Build Super Teams

Adding people together is not building teams. This is where the Moolya culture has stood out for our customers where our teams work with people, don't live with blockers, solve on the ground problems and help the product meet the purpose.

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Prevent Bugs

Finding bugs help. Not as much as Preventing Bugs and getting the bug reported, fixed. This is where Moolya has been a great differentiator in our customer minds. We focus on preventing bugs. We are not excited about finding the bugs again and again. Saves money and time. Helps the business scale faster.

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Automate Right Things

Automation in Testing is highly chaotic and highly failure prone. People do large scale UI Automation when UI and the testability layer is not fixed. This results in high maintenance and low value. We do the right kind of automation where we look to put automation deeper in the pyramid with more API Tests.

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Improve Coverage

A bug in production always points to a missing something. That could be a missing test, a missing environment, a missing variable, a missing device, a missing condition, a missing model... This is why - we are constantly looking at improving our test coverage even if the releases have been going good.

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Remote Teams That Works

During the Covid-19 situation Moolya teams demonstrated good discipline, good visibilty, great co-ordination and helped our customers grow. This is because we hire people for passion, train them for delivering product and tech value. Remote teams is a powerful idea. Do you believe in it?

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NO one is building on just one platform these days

Moolya is a champ across platforms and domains

Over the years, Moolya has worked with customers building solutions on iOS, Android, Web that consumed API's and other backend stuff across industries. We have been able to build tools, techniques and approaches to help solve many problems we kept encountering across industries and tech stacks.

Moolya's COP FLUG GUN model of Mobile App Testing was appreciated and used by Test Managers in Google for Testing Mobile Apps. Moolya has got pretty good accolades from Product Owners who appreciated the industry and domain understanding that led to change in requirements, epics and stories.


Myntra gets proactive testing before any product delivery and integration of advanced testing platforms with help from Moolya.

Myntra is an example of rapid growth. From start-up to unicorn. Having such a pace means a lot of things can go into backlogs and tech debt. Myntra found in Moolya a partner who could reduce their tech debt.


Moolya supported PhonePe to rapidly iterate new features that increase user adoption.

PhonePe is an Indian e-commerce payment system and digital wallet company head quartered in Bangalore,India. It is the first payment app built on Unified Payments Interface.


How OnSiteGo identified critical issues early in the release cycle

OnSiteGo is a fast growing business that sales protection and extended warranty plan for small and medium-size electronics gadgets. They needed a trusted testing partner who could own the quality deliverables and achieve smoother and quality releases.

Serving transformations since 2010

Moolya is a way of life
people are in love with

The secret ingredient? Moolya is Moolya because the way people live their life here. With the choices they have outside, people choosing Moolya over the long years is a testimony to the fact that we make Moolya their own company. Everyone co-owns Moolya.

We have some awe-inspiring stories of our people to share. There have been massive transformations in them as individuals, personally and professionally. This has helped them provide a better experience of themselves to their family and hence spread the joy everywhere they go.

We exist for them, through them.

200+ customers,
impacting 100m+ users around the globe

Moolya is a company which is rapidly growing and changing the world as it goes.
We help our customers build better applications not only on mobile but on web, wearables and the IoT. With a strong customer base in the U.S, U.K, Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia and India, we and expanding our reach as you read this.

Our customers love us for the work we do and their customers love them for working with us. We believe in doing things the Moolya way - making sure our testing adds the value to your application that you have been longing for.

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Our Customer Stories

Don’t take our word for it.
See what our customers have to say about our partnership.

The team in Moolya worked no different than my team in US

Perze Ababa
Ex-QA Director, NBC Universal

Tesco had plenty of vendors in Testing & Moolya brought a unique testing value to us

Nattu Alagappan
Head of Testing - Tesco

Moolya helped us for a major release of our health care solution.

Tomi Schultz
CTO - E-Medicus

Our experience with Moolya best defines the word “Partnership”. And the mode of operation has been one of constantly seeking constructive feedback and instantly working on it - the results of which were visible week over week. Thanks Moolya for investing yourself in our product as much as us.

Rahul Chari
Vice President, Flipkart.
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