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Testing stories

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The Mindset Toolkit by Vivien Ronke Ibiyemi

Vivien Ronke Ibiyemi, the terrific tester has been an inspiring tester and we had the privilege to ask and learn about the Mindset Toolkit that she has developed as part of her testing learning journey. Read on to know more about [...]

Understanding Pair Testing

Me: What is Pair testing? Her: The term is self-explanatory. Me: If it is self-explanatory, then why do we need the amount of content available on the Internet explaining the “Self-explanatory” term Pair testing. Her: Probably because the content on the [...]

Q and A with Karen N. Johnson

We asked Karen N. Johnson questions about testers beliefs that need to be shattered, what we need to be aware of about futuristic roles for testers and where can we testers invest our time effectively, and here are her answers. Q: What beliefs [...]

Let’s Talk Testing with Paul Holland – Finale

Paul Holland in this last Q&A of the series 'Let's Talk Testing with Paul Holland' shares his views on automation, the journey as a change agent in transforming traditional testing to Context-Driven Testing, the challenges encountered and the wins. And read [...]

Let’s Talk Testing with Paul Holland – Part 3

This segment of Let's Talk Testing with Paul Holland sheds light on good testing approaches, finding better testers for hire, a tester’s career options, Moolya ’s role in contributing to pro-creating passionate testing minds and Paul's strongest influences from the software [...]

Let’s Talk Testing with Paul Holland – Part 2

Let's Talk Testing with Paul Holland and learn the difference between Context Driven Testing and Exploratory Testing, a tester's work routine if there is one and if software testing is changing for better at all. Paul also gives a glimpse of [...]

Let’s Talk Testing with Paul Holland – Part 1

Paul Holland, one of the few Rapid Software Testing instructors visited Moolya and we had the privilege to interview him would be a cliche but chatted with him about several software testing aspects including why testing is not dead yet, why [...]

Dear Jerry Thank You.

Moolya is profoundly influenced by Jerry’s works and we take this opportunity to thank the genius who helped shape many of our careers would be an understatement, but our thinking and lifestyle too. THANK YOU, Jerry. Rosie Sherry of Moolya, Jyothi [...]

Note-Taking As A Skill For Testers

Testers take note of points that we sense as important evidence and deemed as useful information when testing. Notes are a collection of: thoughts that our senses gather, ideas pertaining to a discovery or an invention, questions relevant. Notes are also [...]

We Are Moolya – Diversity as a Value

Many employees and those in power who can make a difference(too) hesitate to talk about this topic ‘DIVERSITY at the workplace’ but not at Moolya because here action speaks louder than words. Moolya is a precursor to many firsts in the [...]

We are Moolya _ Confidence as a Value

Confidence is the placebo pill required for everyone no matter what the situation we are in. It is an interesting solution to many problems. An individual learns and develops many techniques to feel and ooze confidence at any corporate event. TRUST [...]

We Are Moolya – Our Values

Moolya means VALUE. Who is the creator of value at any setup? Everyone who is a part of the ecosystem contributes to the creation of value. The recipient of the value created is all those who are involved in the business, the [...]